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Living in the UK has some unique challenges when it comes to designing a comfortable and stylish home interior. You need to find the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics to make sure your home looks great while coping with the demands of the tropical climate. The indoor blinds you choose will go a long way to helping you create that relaxing, attractive ambience in your home, all year round.




To help you make the right choice for your home, here we look at some of the top blinds in 2022. Focusing on the latest trends as well as which types of indoor blinds perform best under different circumstances.


  1. Style & Colors


Dedicate time to finding a blind that works with your style but will also help achieve the results you are after. Rollers, Roman, Honeycomb & Panel Glides are some of the popular choices. Plain neutral colors of off whites, creams and grays are common if you want your blind to blend with your walls and surrounding interior. If you’re wanting to make a focal point or give your blind that wow factor, then there are plenty of patterned prints and textured fabrics to choose from. Also trending now is linen-look fabrics, perfect to match any space.


  1. Energy efficiency


One of the things today’s UK homeowners are most concerned about, naturally, is the environment. We want to design our homes to be as energy efficient as possible, minimizing our carbon footprints and finding more organic ways to control the temperature in our homes without resorting to artificial cooling and heating. This is why temperature control is one of the leading trends for Townsville blinds in 2022.


To provide effective cooling and heating, you need to choose versatile blinds that allow different levels of insulation at different times. Although all internal blinds have some degree of energy efficiency, the trendsetters and maximum energy ranking in this category are the honeycomb blind, sometimes known as cellular blinds. These have a unique makeup, trapping hot air in the cells of the fabric and keeping your room airy or insulated as the climate dictates.


Classic roller blinds are another great and timeless choice when it comes to controlling the temperature in your home. The big advantage of both these types of indoor blinds is that they are available in double layers, with one layer of light-filtering fabric and one layer of complete blockout fabric. This gives you complete control over how much light and heat you want to let into your room at any time of the day or night, whatever the season.


  1. Which blind for which room?


Which blind for which room is often the question, especially in wet areas. We recommend PVC shutters for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries. Our synthetic PVC shutters are durable, water resistant, eco-friendly and fire retardant.


A further option in a wet area is a simple roller blind. Both alternatives make for easy cleaning in wet areas.


If you have a baby room, media room or you’re a shift worker, then a cassette roller blind could be your preferred option. This is a roller blind with channels on each side and headbox at the top minimising light coming into the room.


If child safety is a priority, then the Zero Gravity roller blind is for you. This roller blind has no chains. The spring balances the weight of the blind, the result is an effortless operation.

Allowing you to roll the blind to whichever position you like with the touch of a finger.


The Veri Shade Blind, “The Clever Curtain” is an elegant and soft option for bedrooms and living areas. The two-sided individual folds transition from translucent to opaque at the simple turn of  a wand. This enables you to alter the amount of light, privacy, and airflow of your room. Without weights or chains to worry about, they offer the luxurious look of traditional curtains but with the bonus of being able to walk through the panels.


The Roman Blind is another option to transform your window space. The Roman blind can compliment your room between traditional and contemporary. They are stylish, functional, and once raised the top panel acts as a pelmet which completes the look of your window treatment. If you prefer a more streamlined, minimalist look, panel glide blinds are an alternative option here. Available in both light-filtering and blackout fabrics, panel glide blinds are easy to operate by wand control left, right or split drawer.


Perfect for sliding or bi-fold door openings.



  1. Smart controls


Indoor blind trends in 2022 are all about future-proofing the home. Today’s homeowners want the ultimate ease of use and the aspect of having a child safe product. Motorised blinds that can be controlled effortlessly by remote, including the integration of systems such as Alexa & Google, allowing you to control your blinds from your smartphone.


This enables programming for temperature or scene control. Schedule your blinds to go down at different stages throughout the day and/or for room ambience, setting the scene for a dinner party, as an example. These are now among the leading trends Townsville homeowners are searching for.


These days there are many different styles of blinds that can easily be controlled remotely. Whatever your personal style, whether traditional or modern, there are smart blinds to suit your tastes and take your home into the future.