Interior trends are ever-changing and evolving, and as a society, we like to keep up to date with these trends as much as possible. This means making all kinds of changes and upgrading our interior design every now and then. Making your home fit in with new design trends can be done any way you would like and gives you a lot of freedom, however one thing that can be incorporated in this design is blinds and curtains. With the huge variety of different styles and designs to choose from, you can find the perfect match to keep your interior design up to date.

Here are a few of the popular interior design trends at the moment and ways you can use blinds and curtains to fit in with this…



You can never go wrong with floral. Although this is always a sought after trend, it’s always more popular in summer. This gives you the perfect opportunity to have a little freshen up of your interior design and get the place ready for summer. Styles like roller blinds often come in patterns, so you could get something with a floral theme to interchange in your home during summer. On the other hand, curtains come in all sorts of different designs, so you would be sure to find the perfect floral design with those too, however if you are getting on board with this trend just for summer, you may want to consider blinds more as they are a bit lighter and thinner and more summer friendly!



People are loving designs that are a little more ‘out there’ this year. Whether that’s loud patterns, bold colours, but something that’s quite popular is putting two contrasting colours or patterns together to create a statement and make the interior quite loud and quirky. Putting different patterns together is a great way to achieve this look, and you can use blinds and curtains as a part of this. For example, perhaps you have patterned wallpaper in your living room. To contrast with this, you could have patterned curtains hanging up. The key in not making this look ridiculous is to keep a consistent colour or tone throughout, but just have differing patterns or styles.



Although it’s quite specific, coral is big on the interior design trends this year. It is a calming and complimenting colour that brings out the best in your interior. It’s warm and nurturing tone can energise your home and give it a whole new burst of life. Whether you want the coral to be a subtle touch in your interior, or quite dominating, there are many ways to consider adding the colour, from themed accessories in and around the room, to coral coloured furniture or wallpaper. You could even get coral coloured blinds to match with your new theme. On the other hand, making blinds and curtains fit in with new design trends, doesn’t necessarily mean they have to involve the design, but instead they could be used to neutralise the room and make sure the design of the rest of it isn’t too overpowering.

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