3 Signs That It’s Time To Change Your Curtains & Blinds

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When we first put up a new pair of curtains or install a new blind, they feel like the most vibrant and eye-catching part of the room. However, after a while, we don’t notice them quite so much, leaving them to fade in the background – and this can sometimes leave us forgetting that we could always do with switching out our curtains every now and then.


There are various reasons why you should change out your old curtains and blinds for new ones every so often, whether it’s the way they look or the way they work.


Here are three signs that it may just be time to change up your curtains and blinds!


You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep


When we’re picking out curtains and blinds for our bedroom, of course the first thing that the majority of us think to do is choose the sets which match the most with the interior design theme of that room – even if that means picking out a lightweight set of curtains that are made from a fairly thin material or come in a lighter colour.


However, if you’ve noticed yourself struggling to sleep as well as usual, waking up earlier without the use of an alarm or feeling unusually tired during the day, then it might be time to consider changing your curtains and blinds to a set that will keep more light out of your bedroom.


The reason for this is that too much light being allowed into our room during the night confuses our circadian rhythm – essentially the body’s natural, internal clock. The sleep cycle consists of two stages of sleep, REM and non-REM, with REM standing for ‘rapid eye movement’.


So, if our eyes sense light for an extended period of time, we enter non-REM sleep and our circadian rhythm is triggered, with signals in the brain believing that it must be time to wake up. This can be especially irritating during the summer, when the sun begins to rise as early as 4am!


If this is something that you’ve found yourself dealing with, you may be able to rectify the problem by investing in some blackout curtains. These don’t necessarily need to be a dark colour either – you can find blackout curtains in the majority of colours, including white. They are simply made from a heavier fabric and are most often lined to maximise their potential to keep the light out.


Before you know it, you’ll be sleeping soundly once again!


You Feel You Need To Refresh The Air


Curtains and blinds are, unfortunately, famous dust traps.


Whilst some blinds, such as wooden or Venetian blinds, can be cleaned of dust fairly easily, fabric blinds and curtains will have dust embedded deeper into the fabric over time and, with the majority of blinds and curtains, are not machine washable. To make it even more inconvenient, there’s only so much that a steam cleaner can achieve in the way of giving them a proper clean.


This is why the colour of the fabric will noticeably deteriorate over time, too – dirt becomes so deeply embedded within the fabrics that it begins to change the way that the fabric looks, with the colour of your curtains nowhere near as bold or vibrant as it once was.


Besides simply looking unsightly, dust can have hugely detrimental effects on the health of anyone exposed to it for an extended period of time. So, if you keep the same curtains up for a number of years, you’re likely to find yourself inhaling quite a bit of dust, no matter how often you attempt to get your curtains and blinds clean.


To ensure that the air within your home is as fresh as possible and you aren’t unwittingly inhaling dust, it’s best to switch out your curtains for a new pair every so often. We’re sure you’ll notice a difference to the way that the air in your home feels almost immediately!


You’re Ready For A New Look


We all like to give our space a revamp every now and then, whether it’s the living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen – and changing up the curtains and blinds is a smaller change that has a huge effect on the way that the room looks.


If you’re looking to give an area of your home a little love with a fresh new look, a new pair of curtains or blinds is an essential! It’ll also give you a chance to pick out a set of curtains or blinds with features that you’ve been previously missing out on, such as motorised blinds, which are certainly a brilliant addition to any space.


Here at Newton-Le-Willows Curtains & Blinds, we offer a wide variety of colours, patterns, fabrics and styles among our ranges of curtains and blinds, so we’re confident that we’ve got the perfect pair for you waiting right here to brighten up any space within your home.


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