Choosing what curtain design you want in your homes is one thing, but something else that can require careful consideration is what material to have as the curtain lining. Lining can determine a number of things, and so you need to choose something that is appropriate and appealing to you and how practical you want your curtains to be. A lot of people will go for curtains purely based on the design and how it coordinates with their interior decor, however the lining actually has a purpose and function. Therefore, we think it’s important that you know about the different types available so that you can choose the best fit for your home.


Blackout lining

In certain rooms in the house, you will want to keep more light out than in others. For example, in your bedroom you may want it to be completely pitch black at night in order to help you sleep and feel more relaxed. Similarly to blackout blinds which a lot of people go for, you can actually get blackout lining for your curtains. This more of less does the exact same job and tends to block out all light from outside. Blackout lining is often made out of a thicker material than other linings in order for them to do the job, however this can also have other benefits as the thicker lining will also help with noise reduction as well as keeping the room well insulated. All of these things are particularly appealing for bedrooms, so if you have curtains in your bedroom we would definitely recommend that you consider blackout lining!


Thermal lining

We all like to feel warm and cosy in our homes, and there are certain things that will help with this and keep your home well insulated without necessarily using central heating for long periods of time. You can get thermal lining for your curtains for exactly that purpose. This really helps to retain the heat and also means that you will be saving money on energy bills as you will be able to keep your home warm and cosy and block out the cold from your windows during the winter months. Quite often, you will find that cold air can creep in through cracks and seals on your windows, and heat can escape just the same. Therefore, if this is something you struggle with or you want a more environmentally friendly way of keeping your home warm, thermal lining would be highly beneficial to you.


Polycotton lining

As the name suggests, polycotton lining is made up of 50% polyester and 50% cotton. The combination of these makes for a high quality material in polycotton with practical day-to-day use and an enhanced appearance and condition of your curtains. Polycotton is a thinner lining used for curtains, and lets air pass through it very well, therefore making it a great choice for the warmer weather as it doesn’t retain heat but instead lets it pass through, making the room feel a little more fresh. We find that this type of lining has a pretty good lifespan and tends to remain in good condition whilst serving its purpose and doesn’t wrinkle or come out of shape.

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