Interior design trends of all forms are ever-changing. This includes every aspect of interior design in our homes, from colour schemes, to furniture, to curtains. As a business that supplies a huge variety of blinds and curtains, we see first hand the different trends that come into play, and how people adopt these trends for their homes.

Curtain design trends are something that changes continuously. This falls in line with other changing trends, as when people change the interior of their homes, for example the colour schemes or patterns, they tend to change curtains and blinds to match with this. 

In case you are looking to get some new curtains and need a bit of inspiration, we thought we would talk about some curtain trends you will love in this blog…



Sometimes, it is good to have something big and bold. Creating a statement through interior design is powerful, and it changes the whole dynamics of the room. One of the best designs with the power to do this, is abstract. It brings any room to life and often creates quite a retro feel. Abstract curtains can be a really bold statement in any room, but when choosing the right design, it works really well.



As we approach the summer months, it is common for people to make efforts to brighten up their homes a little. One of our favourite interior design themes is nature. Choosing curtains with a natural design, or that compliment a well planned colour scheme creates a really calming atmosphere and connects you with the outdoors. Usually, this is achieved through use of colours associated with nature, such as green, or with flowers, plants and leaves on the print to create a really natural feel. 


Less is more

Although it works well, it is not always necessary to go really big and bold with your curtains. Quite often, curtains take up a lot of space and are therefore very prominent. If you have an otherwise busy interior design, you might want to tone this down with more subtle curtains. For example, plain colours, and soft tones. Sometimes less is more, and this can be the best way to enhance the overall design of the room. 



Something that has become quite popular so far this year, is silk curtains. This is quite a modern design and therefore something that more and more people are getting on board with. It is more of a natural type of material, and fits the design of any room well. It is also good for baby rooms, as it is quite delicate and light. 


Blush pink

Over the past 12 months especially, an increasingly popular colour scheme throughout homes, has been grey and white. More and more homeowners are upgrading their interior design to involve this modern yet simplistic trend. However, people are now starting to incorporate other colours with this to add a bit of character. Blush pink is something that compliments this colour scheme perfectly, and one that lots of people are adding into the design in different ways. 

As grey and white is quite a basic and simple colour scheme, blush pink is the perfect way to add a little bit of colour and brighten it up. You can use your curtains to bring this into the design. Whether you get curtains that are predominantly blush pink, or just have a small amount of it in the design, it is a trend that people are loving so far in 2020.

For more tips and advice about curtains and the latest design trends, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be able to advise you and offer you some of our finest curtains that we have available.