The 21st century has brought us all kinds of modern advancements in technology. Over recent years, we have found more and more alternatives to things we previously knew, that have been designed to make our lives easier. This has even stretched to blinds, as now amongst the huge range of unique styles of blinds available to choose from, you can actually get motorised blinds. These are electric and can be controlled by the push of a button as they are remote control so that you don’t have to operate anything manually. 

Electric blinds are fantastic, although not everyone is aware of all the different benefits and ways they can enhance your home. So, we thought we’d talk about a few of our favourite things about them in this blog…


  1. Convenience

As we briefly mentioned, electric blinds come with a remote control, meaning that you can operate them and determine action through using this, as opposed to maneuvering the blinds yourself. One of the best things about this is how incredibly convenient it is. You don’t have to get up and adjust the blinds throughout the day in order to conform with the sunlight, as you can simply do this with a remote control from wherever you may be in the room. 

Furthermore, with some motorised blinds you can actually make your own settings so that they will open and close at the times you wish. This is perfect if you are out of the house for example, as it means you don’t have to worry because the blinds will shut when it’s dark, keeping your property secure and also making it look like somebody is home.


  1. They are very modern

Another great thing about electric blinds is that they are very modern. This works well if you have a lot of other modern features in your home, or modernised interior design. You could consider electric blinds as a bit of an upgrade to other styles and they could be the perfect way to give a new burst of life inside your home. 


  1. Compatible with all windows

Similarly to other styles of blinds, motorised blinds are compatible with just about any window, whatever the shape and size. This is ideal if you have a window that is perhaps a little out of the way and hard to reach, as you can have electric blinds made to measure so that they fit just right, and furthermore, you are able to control them easily via a remote control. 


  1. Home efficiency

Due to the ways you are able to control electric blinds with such ease, this can actually contribute to making your home more efficient and potentially saving money on energy bills. Blinds of any sort play a big role in the heat insulation of a room. They can help to retain heat, as well as keep your windows covered as to prevent drafts from outside coming through. As a result of this, it makes your home more energy efficient and can reduce your energy bills. Motorised blinds make this easier as you are able to control your blinds all day long and with ease. This means they can always be positioned to ensure the temperature is controlled and the room is kept well heated.


  1. Extra security for your house

As we mentioned, you are able to create your own settings with motorised blinds. This means you can set a timer for them to open or close at a particular time. So, this is incredibly useful for times when you are out of the house. Not only does it mean your blinds can be set to close when it gets dark so that your home is more protected and secure from burglars, but it also often makes it appear like somebody is in the house. Therefore, they can be a good deterrent for anti-social behaviour and provide extra safety and security.

For more information or if you are looking into buying motorised blinds and would like our assistance, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.