A Guide To Blinds: Which Type Of Blinds Are Right For You?

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Whether you’re pulling off a large-scale home makeover or simply want to give the windows to your home a bit of a refresh, looking over all the different styles of curtains and blinds could prove a little overwhelming.


With such a wide range of blinds available today, it can be difficult to weigh up all the pros and cons of each style and decide which one is the best for you, with different styles suiting different rooms and different interior themes more than others.


With that in mind, we’d like to give our rundown of all the different types of blinds available to you here at Newton-Le-Willows Curtains & Blinds, so that you can make the best decision for you.


Vertical Blinds


Vertical blinds are perhaps the most commonly used style of blinds on the market today. This is in part due to their versatility – vertical blinds look great in any space and be used to great effect within any room in the house.


They are also a style that affords you plenty of control over the level of light that you’d like to come through into your space. If you’re looking for maximum privacy, they can be drawn right across (though the popular white vertical blinds still allow for plenty of natural light when drawn), drawn across and opened to an 180° angle to allow in the light or drawn back completely to allow as much light into your space as possible.


They are also a particularly affordable style of blind, so are perfect for those looking to refresh the blinds in several areas of the house. Here at Newton-Le-Willows, we offer vertical blinds in a wide range of colours and fabrics, with many fabrics machine washable.


Roller Blinds


Simple, stylish and easy to operate, roller blinds are a beautifully contemporary style of blind suitable for a range of different spaces. They can be quickly lowered and raised using the pulls to achieve the perfect balance of lighting and privacy that you need


We offer a great level of customisation across our roller blinds range, with our roller blinds available in a wide selection of different colours and fabrics, including blackout fabrics. We also understand the importance of your blinds co-ordinating perfectly with the rest of your interior design scheme, which is why we offer a number of personalised finishing touches – decorative scallops, bradis, pulls, poles and eyelets can all be added to create the perfect look for you.


Venetian Blinds


Made-to-measure by Newton-Le-Willows and available in a range of different materials, Venetian Blinds are a beautifully contemporary option for those looking to refresh their space.


They are easily operated by changing the angle of the different slats in order to adjust the level of lighting within the room and are available in wood, aluminium wood and solid aluminium – and, of course, in a range of different colours.


This is a style of blind that appears to be becoming more and more popular today, thanks to Venetian blinds having a particularly stylish, modern look.


Roman Blinds


Our wide range of Roman blinds is available in an exciting mix of fabrics and colours, allowing you to personalise your blinds to every part of your space, bringing together your ideal interior design look beautifully.


Using soft folds of fabric, Roman blinds can be easily lowered and raised in order to allow you to achieve the level of light or shade that you desire. Roman blinds are a great way to give any room an instant touch of elegance.


Pleated Blinds


Pleated blinds are sleek, simple and can be made-to-measure in an eclectic range of fabrics and colours. Whatever your style and whatever room of the house they are placed in, pleated blinds are a great option.


Pleated blinds really come into their own in the conservatory of your home, as Newton-Le-Willows are proud to offer our range of Perfect Fit Pleated blinds. With fabrics including SPC backing, these blinds will keep your conservatory cool in the summer and will work to retain heat in the winter. Stylish and functional, these are a great blind for any home.


Motorised Blinds


A great choice for the modern home, motorised blinds allow you to control the balance between light and shade with precision and ease.


Motorised blinds have plenty of applications – they are the perfect fit for a home cinema room or for a bedroom, where they can be used as blackout blinds to improve the quality of your sleep. Being controlled via a remote is just another reason why these blinds are the perfect option for the bedroom, as you can allow the morning daylight into your room without even needing to leave your bed!


However, these blinds can be used just as well anywhere within your home and are the latest in interior design technology.


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As a family-run business, we care a great deal about everything we do! If you’d like more information about any of the ranges listed above or for any of your other needs regarding curtains, blinds and awnings, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!