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Here at Newton-le-Willows Blinds & Curtains we offer a made to measure service when customers purchase our products. This is to ensure that what we provide to them is designed to suit the specific measurements required and complete your room perfectly. Despite offering a range of different styles of blinds and curtains, we can have each and every one of them designed to the correct measurements to fit into your home.



Why you may need made to measure blinds or curtains

Not all windows are the same, and so it would be impossible to create a ‘one size fits all’ design. Windows are all kinds of different shapes, sizes and dimensions, which is to be expected as one person may be looking for living room blinds, and another may want some to go in a conservatory. Because of this, we want to make it as easy as possible for people to find exactly what they are looking for.



What kind of blinds and curtains are available?

There is no limit on our made to measure service. You can choose any type of blinds or curtains, for anywhere in your home, at any measurement. This also allows you to find something completely suitable for you in terms of budget. A made to measure service is essentially all about what suits you, and so choosing something affordable and great value for money is very important. Luckily, with so many different styles to choose from, you won’t fall short of options and can consider everything within your chosen price range.

Curtains are slightly more basic in terms of how many different styles you can get, they vary more in things like length, colour, and thickness. Blinds on the other hand come in lots and lots of different styles. Some of these include:


  • Venetian blinds
  • Roller blinds
  • Vertical blinds
  • Roman blinds
  • Pleated blinds
  • Motorised blinds


Each one is unique and different in their own way, and therefore could all be more suited to your home for various reasons depending on what matters most to you. This could be privacy, appearance, or practicality. Regardless of what style of blinds you choose to go for, we can provide a made to measure service so that they fit in your home perfectly.



Looking the part

There are several elements to be considered when choosing blinds or curtains for your home. For a start: Are you looking for blinds or curtains? It’s all down to preference, what kind of look and feel you wish to go for. For example, in both curtains and blinds you can choose from various colours so that it works well with the design of the room. Furthermore, there are also different levels of thickness and transparency, privacy, length, and much more. Considering all of your options will help you to choose the right type of blinds or curtains for your home, which you can then have designed to suit the correct measurements of wherever they are being placed.



If you would like made to measure blinds or curtains from us, we would be more than happy to help. Just get in touch with us by calling us on 01925 653 971 or sending an email to and a member of our team will respond to you as soon as possible.