Curtains have different purposes within our homes. For one, they provide practical value in covering your windows and maintaining privacy, as well as offering good insulation, but they are also used for aesthetic purposes, too. Because of this, it is important that you look after your curtains properly, so that they can be used to their full potential. 

A lot of people aren’t necessarily aware of the sort of maintenance and care that curtains require, and so don’t always look after them as they should. However, if you want your curtains to remain in great condition and maintain their quality with a prolonged lifespan, you should take extra measures to look after them properly. 

We thought we would give you a few tips on curtain care and what you can do to improve the overall quality of your curtains…


Wash them!

Although this isn’t necessary to do regularly, we would always recommend washing your curtains once every now and then. Curtains come in all different fabrics and materials, and therefore have different levels of quality. This can make it tricky when it comes to putting them through the wash as they all need to be dealt with differently. So, before you attempt to give your curtains a thorough clean and stick them in the washing machine, you should check the label and find out if it is safe to do so. 

Without checking instructions, if you put your curtains through the wash you can actually cause damage to them. We would advise finding this out when you first purchase any curtains. You should also always use a mild detergent so as not to cause any harm or damage. Furthermore, in order to dry your curtains, you should let them air dry, but avoid leaving them in direct sunlight as this can cause discolouration.


Get good quality curtain lining

As with the different materials that curtains come in, you can also get different types of lining. Some are thicker and better quality than others, and we would recommend that you get good quality curtain lining as this will keep your curtains in far better condition for longer. Not to mention, lining also contributes towards blocking out light from outside. 

Sunlight often causes damage, fading and discolouration to curtains. Therefore, you need good quality lining to stop this from happening and keep your curtains more protected. 

Regular cleaning

Although it doesn’t have to be thorough, we advise cleaning your curtains regularly, perhaps once a week. This is as simple as getting dust off of the surface. You can do this by brushing or dusting the curtains, or alternatively, you can actually vacuum your curtains in order to get rid of any dirt sitting on the surface. 


Blinds and shades

As mentioned, direct sunlight naturally causes damage and discolouration over time. To lessen the impact of this and prolong the life and quality of your curtains, you can cover your windows with blinds or shades. This is also great for privacy, as during the day you wouldn’t have your curtains closed so people on the outside can see in, and your home will be exposed to a lot of light. Having blinds or shades will reduce the amount of sunlight the your curtains will come into contact with during the day.

For more information or if you would like some extra advice on how to look after your curtains properly or how you should clean them, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.