We all want our homes to be spotless, and the upkeep and maintenance of our interiors especially is something that can often require a lot of time and effort. Ensuring that everything is kept clean is certainly a chore, however over time you develop your own routine of cleaning in and around the house. Something that you may forget about, is your blinds. As a pivotal part of your interior, blinds require as much care and attention as everything else, meaning that you must not forget about them when it comes to cleaning. From polishing off a bit of dust, to removing stains, it is important that you keep on top of cleaning and ensure that it is consistent. 

Knowing where to start when it comes to cleaning your blinds can sometimes be tricky, and so we wanted to share with you a few of our tips and advice. 


Cleaning off dust

Unfortunately, dust is unavoidable with particular styles of blinds such as venetian, and this certainly isn’t something you want to leave festering in your home. We deal with dust inside our homes just about everywhere, and it should be noted that blinds are no exception. The best technique for cleaning the dust off your blinds is to wipe it off with a microfibre cloth. When doing this, you should wipe each slat individually from one side to the other, as this will ensure that no dust is left behind. 

Furthermore, sometimes vacuuming can be a good solution to removing dust if you have roman blinds. Due to the material of these blinds, it can be harder to wipe the dust off, however by vacuuming it ensures that they are thoroughly cleaned and all dust is gone. 


Removing stains

Stains are something that is dreaded when it comes to cleaning. Quite often, stains are unavoidable as they happen due to accidents, but there are ways that you can remove them. With blinds, you have to be careful that you don’t damage the material and that you’re gentle and careful. Some marks that are a little less severe can be carefully scrubbed off with a damp cloth, however the more serious stains require using products. If you get some fabric stain remover and gently apply this with a cloth to the damaged area, the stain should come out and leave your blinds looking as good as new. 


General maintenance

Certain types of blinds, such as wooden blinds, are prone to collecting dirt and grime. If you leave this to fester, it can be pretty unpleasant, however keeping on top of this by cleaning your wooden blinds regularly should erase this problem for you. Some warm water and washing up liquid will do the trick just fine. Dampen a microfibre cloth in your bowl and then use this to gently wipe along the slats. This will pick up any dirt and grime and ensure that your blinds look nice and clean. Furthermore, you can even use a feather duster just to clear off any dirt that might’ve collected on the surface of the slats. 



Brushing off dirt and dust is a good technique for roman blinds, due to the soft and delicate material often used in the making of these blinds. Roll the blinds out fully and gently brush them from top to bottom. This will remove any dust or dirt that might’ve gathered on the outer surface. As well as this, you can also vacuum the front of roman blinds, very gently, if you find this is easier and more effective in removing dirt and dust.

These are just a few simple ways to keep your blinds clean and keep on top of this throughout the maintenance of your home. For more information or if you would like to speak to us regarding any enquiries you have, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.