In the UK, summer is an exciting time, but dealing with the heat can sometimes be difficult. A good way to cope is to make changes so that your home is a little more summer-friendly, allowing you to keep cool and relaxed in the warm weather. As a company that specialises in blinds and curtains, we are experts in advising the right style of blinds for every home, occasion and requirements. 

You don’t want to feel uncomfortable in your home when it’s hot, and choosing the right blinds can make all the difference in keeping a room cool and much more bearable. So, we wanted to give you some tips on the best styles of blinds to get this summer…


Vertical blinds

No matter whereabouts in your home they are fitted, vertical blinds are good for reducing the heat. They’re very accessible when it comes to light control. Of course, during the summer, we experience a lot more bright light from outside due to the sun being more present, so being able to control how much of this gets into your home can be really useful. These blinds tend to block out quite a lot of light from outside, which as a result will keep the room cooler. For example, if you have a conservatory with no blinds or anything across all the windows, this will become unbearably hot and stuffy in the summer, whereas if you have blinds such as vertical blinds fitted, this will go a long way in keeping the room cooler and controlling the temperature a bit more.


Roller blinds

From a design point of view, roller blinds are particularly good during the summer due to the vast range of different styles and designs available to choose from. This means you could coordinate with summer colours and patterns to brighten up your interior as well as create more of a summer vibe and feel about your home. Perhaps your current blinds are quite dark and dull, or maybe the material is thick, swapping these out temporarily for a summer-friendly design can make all the difference. Furthermore, roller blinds are quite good at keeping out sunlight, which is valued when it’s hot outside.


Venetian blinds

The best thing about venetian blinds in the summer, is the accessibility to control how much exposure there is from outside and how much light is able to come into the room. Not only is this useful as the sun can be incredibly bright during summer, but blocking out sunlight will also keep the room much cooler. Therefore, if you want to cool down a particular room, you can manually tilt the slats on these blinds as to keep the sunlight in the room to a minimum and as a result, make sure that it is less warm and uncomfortable. 


Pleated blinds

This is one style of blinds that becomes more popular throughout summer. Due to the style and design of them, you will find that pleated blinds are very accommodating when it comes to fitting unusual windows, like in your conservatory for example. As we mentioned, having blinds in your conservatory is essential in lowering the temperature in there, and pleated blinds are ideal for this. Because of the high quality, bespoke design of this style of blinds, you will find that your windows are fully covered as the blinds are made to measure. Therefore, this will block out most sunlight and reduce the heat in the room considerably. 

To find out more or if you are interested in purchasing some new blinds from us, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.