Every room in your house has a different purpose or setting. Because of this you want to pick the right blinds that are going to sit well and compliment it. In this blog, we wanted to focus on the living room, and what kind of blinds fit well with this and give off the right kind of vibe. Your living room is the most cosy and welcoming part of your home, where you invite guests and spend time with loved ones, and so it’s important that your blinds secure this kind of atmosphere.

You should consider several factors when choosing the right blinds for your living room, such as what’s going to look best in terms of design, what will allow the right amount of privacy and comfort, and what is most practical. We’ve listed a few of the most popular kinds of blinds often chosen to go in the living room to try and help you decide!

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds can be good if you have quite long windows as they come in unique lengths and sizes so therefore they can provide as much coverage as you need. Thy are also highly adjustable and easy to control, which is great for both privacy and sunlight. You can tilt them to pretty much any angle you want, making them very convenient and compatible with your preferences.

These are a very common type of blind also often used in conservatories. They are great quality and can be very long lasting – definitely one we would recommend!

Venetian blinds

Similarly to vertical blinds, one of the best things about venetian blinds is their adjustability. Everything about venetian blinds is completely controlled by you. You can either lift the whole blind up so that part of or all of the window is exposed, or you can tilt the individual slats to any angle, maintaining a lot of privacy as people on the outside cannot see into your living room. However, you are still able to see out of the window and control how much light is coming through.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are particularly good from a design perspective. They can be very simplistic in terms of appearance, and are available in all sorts of colours. This means that they tend to look good just about anywhere. Furthermore, their simplistic look gives your living room quite a classy and neat touch, and they’re sure to match just about any design. Roller blinds are also very smoothly adjusted and quite practical, so they’re a popular choice for homeowners.

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