Creating a comfortable environment in the workplace is important. If you have an office that you work in all day every day, you want to feel relaxed and comfortable, as well as maintain a professional looking environment. Over the years here at Newton le Willows Blinds & Curtains we have supplied blinds for all purposes including corporate, and so we understand the importance of creating a professional yet comfortable environment within your office. 

So, with people now being able to return to work in offices at a social distance, we thought we would give you some tips on choosing the right corporate blinds for your office…


Colours are important

Aside from wanting to choose blinds that compliment your office and match with the rest of the interior design, colours can actually make a big difference to the atmosphere of a room. In an office, not only do you want to have a professional environment, but you also want it to feel relaxed and peaceful. Therefore, you should opt for coloured blinds that create an atmosphere just like this. 

When opting for coloured blinds, roller blinds are probably the best style to go for as they come in such a huge variety of colours and designs. Blue is proven to be the most relaxing and calming colour, and this is a great choice within any office. Furthermore, there are so many different shades of blue so you can find something to really suit your office. Other calming colours include green, white and grey. These are all very tranquil and help to create the calm and peaceful atmosphere that you need in an office.


Think practically

Choosing corporate blinds is a little different to choosing blinds for domestic purposes. An important factor of office blinds is that they are practical and easy to control. Furthermore, in order to maintain the professional feel within your office, you need your blinds to fit properly, so a made to measure service may be necessary to ensure this. 

Functionality is very important and your office blinds should be practical and well fitted. They should filter the right amount of light through, and also give you the level of privacy that you require. 


Translate professionalism

Offices are a corporate and professional environment, and this should translate through the decor, which includes your blinds. Choose something that is smart and will look professional in a corporate space. This is quite individual to each office. There are such a huge variety of styles of blinds available that you can find something that perfectly matches your office. 


Experiment with design

Though the importance of corporate blinds is that they look smart and professional, this doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with design. As mentioned, you can incorporate different colours, but you can also choose from all sorts of different blinds from roman blinds, to venetian, to shutters. You should look at all of your options and experiment with what will bring your office to life and look great whilst still looking smart and professional. 

For more information and advice or if you are looking for some corporate blinds for your office, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.