Curtains, Blinds Or Both? How To Decide

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If you’re looking to update your home interior décor, a fresh new blind or pair of curtains can really freshen up the space as a whole.


However, there’s plenty of decisions to make when choosing the right ones for you! First of all, how do you decide whether curtains or blinds are the right choice for a particular room? Do you need both? What style should you choose?


We’d like to help you by answering at least one of those questions here, as we weigh up the pros and cons of curtains and blinds, allowing you to decide which of the two options is the most suited to you.


Why Go With Curtains?


Looking from a purely aesthetic point of view, a beautiful pair of curtains can transform the way that a room looks – and there are certainly plenty to choose from. With thousands of pattern, colour and fabric combinations out there, you are almost guaranteed to find the perfect pair of curtains for any room within your home.


A high-quality pair of curtains can add a touch of luxury to any room, giving the space a particularly elegant feel – the highest-quality of curtains are also made from heavier fabrics, which are often lined and offer more shade once drawn. If keeping out as much light as possible when the curtains are drawn is a priority for you, a high-quality, thick pair of curtains is the way to go.


Curtains also give a room a cosier feel, too. Drawing the curtains gives off a real feeling of shutting out the world at the end of a day. However, that cosiness is not just a placebo effect – the thick fabric of curtains, specifically those which drape down to the floor, is great for protecting your home from drafts that might come in through the window.


There are, of course, some downsides to choosing curtains over blinds.


Firstly, curtains are fair more prone to mould and stains if not maintained properly, especially in bathrooms and kitchens where there is increased moisture in the air. You could also encounter a slight problem if your radiators are situated directly under your window – when your curtains are drawn, the heat is being trapped between the wall and the curtains, providing little heat to the rest of the room.


Pros Of Curtains

  • A popular choice from an interior design perspective
  • Give the room a cosier feel
  • Thousands of different designs available
  • Often more effective in blocking out light


Cons Of Curtains

  • Can be a heat trap in some cases
  • Will not last as long as blinds without careful maintenance
  • Generally more expensive than blinds, though this depends on the quality


Why Go With Blinds?


Many will consider blinds to be a more contemporary option, given that blinds are a more common sight in households these days than heavy, floor-length drapes.


The most popular blinds on the market are vertical blinds – a style made up from several fabric panels which are connected via beads and can be rotated up to 180° or drawn back completely, depending on how much natural light you require. However, there are a wide range of different styles of blinds available, with a style to suit everyone.


There’s Roman blinds, roller blinds, Venetian blinds – even motorised blinds. Whatever your needs, you’re sure to find the perfect style of blinds for every room within your home.


As blinds rise further in popularity, the range of colours and materials are increasing, too, allowing customers a wider range of blinds to choose from.


Blinds are a popular choice in small spaces. Given that they are contained within the area of window itself, rather than coming out into the rest of the room, they take up very little space and may give the illusion of a larger room.


Blinds tend to be easier to clean than curtains, with many blinds either wipe-clean or made up from machine-washable fabrics. They also tend to be manufactured using more durable materials, making them longer lasting.


Finally, when it comes to cost, blinds are generally more affordable than curtains – though this does depend on the style and quality.


Pros Of Blinds

  • A more contemporary look
  • Usually made from highly-durable materials
  • Often wipe-clean or machine washable
  • Take up less space in the room


Cons Of Blinds

  • May not provide as much shielding from light as heavy-duty curtains
  • Not as protective from drafts


So, Why Not Both?


If you’re looking to dress your windows as effectively as possible, why not go all out and choose both curtains and blinds?


By installing both blinds and curtains, you are able to create a truly bespoke look, selecting both from a wide range of designs. This way, there is no need to sacrifice on light protection, heat retention or style – blinds and curtains can work hand-in-hand to deliver both effectively.


It also makes maintenance a much less inconvenient process – having both means that you are never left without shade or light protection at a time when either your curtains or blinds need cleaning.


It sounds great, but what about the cost? Well, here at Newton-Le-Willows, we work to provide made-to-measure blinds and curtains of the highest quality available for the most affordable price that we can. We believe every home deserves to be kitted out with the very best in curtains and blinds and have been helping people across Warrington, Widnes, Northwich, Leigh, Wigan, Bolton, Preston and Runcorn do just that for over 30 years.


If you’re looking to have new curtains or blinds installed, would like to know more about the products we have on offer or simply would like more information about Newton-Le-Willows Curtains & Blinds, feel free to get in touch today.