Blinds and curtains both have their pros and cons, and this can make deciding which of them to get quite difficult. There are several things to take into consideration before making your decision, and it’s good to know what they both have to offer. However, it ultimately comes down to what matters most to you. Are you most interested in good coverage and blocking out light? Or do you want something on trend that is going to look good in your home? Or maybe you want something that is going to tick a variety of boxes for you? 

There are various different types of fabric blinds and curtains to offer, and we thought we would tell you about the pros and cons of each in order to help you decide which is the best match for you…


Pros of fabric blinds

One of the best things about fabric blinds, is the huge variety of them. You are not limited to one style, colour or fabric in any way, but rather you can shop for something that is going to match your home perfectly, as well as provide practical benefits. You can get all sorts of fabric blinds, including roller blinds, roman blinds, blackout blinds, linen blinds and more.

Blackout blinds are a particularly popular style, as these successfully block out all light from outside, which helps a lot of people to get a good night’s sleep. This type of fabric is very high quality and offers lots of practical benefits, and they’re also great for childrens bedrooms. Furthermore, a lot of fabric blinds provide fantastic insulation for your home. This is ideal for winter, as it keeps out the cold, but it also works in summer to keep some of the heat out overnight.

Another great thing about fabric blinds is all of the different colours and patterns you can choose from. This allows you to choose something that will really compliment your home and fit in perfectly. As well as this, you get to choose what sort of fabric blinds you’d like, so you can choose the quality and style of them. They are also very easy to maintain and look after.


Cons of fabric blinds

With fabric blinds, the only downfall is that there isn’t as much flexibility and control of lighting and privacy as there would be with venetian blinds for example. Generally, you will open them all the way, completely exposing your window and therefore the whole room, or on the other hand, fully shut them and blocking everything out.

Another element of fabric blinds that could be a problem to some homeowners, is that they are operated by strings most of the time. For people with children, this can be quite hazardous unless the strings are somehow kept out of reach.


Pros of curtains

Quite the opposite to blinds, curtains are probably the safest options for homes with children. This is because you manually open and close them by pulling the curtains themselves, rather than having a string or cord to control them. This leaves less for children and pets to be able to fiddle around with. 

Another great thing about curtains is that they provide such good coverage. Again, you can get different fabrics and linings, so all curtains vary, but they tend to be made from very high quality material that helps to block out all light as well as keep the room well insulated. This is particularly handy during the colder months, as curtains are great for keeping out the cold and stopping the heat from escaping. They also cover a larger surface, so all of your windows are completely covered. 

Another great thing about curtains is that they can be quite a statement piece. Not only are they very practical but curtains are also very stylish and can become a big part of the interior design. There are so many different colours, shades and patterns available, allowing you to be as big and bold, or as subtle as you would like to be.


Cons of curtains

Unfortunately, the upkeep and maintenance of curtains can be a little more tricky. You tend to find that things stick to the material more, such as pet hair or dust. This means you have to clean them regularly and be thorough so that nothing remains on the surface. 

Furthermore, as we mentioned in the pros of curtains, they do provide more coverage as they cover a larger area across your windows. Although this is a good thing, it can also have its cons, as this sometimes makes the room appear slightly smaller if the curtains take up too much room.


Why not get both?

Both blinds and curtains have their strengths and weaknesses, it all comes down to your own personal preference and which qualities matter most to you. However, a lot of people actually opt for having both blinds and curtains. This is a good way to ensure that all your boxes are ticked and that your home looks great!

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