Did you know you can get blinds for your doors? Of course, doors are very different to windows, and so there aren’t endless amounts of blinds designed especially for them, however this doesn’t mean you can’t get any. Some doors have large windows built in as part of them, or perhaps you have conservatory or patio doors that are basically all glass – this can become a little annoying when it comes to light and privacy. So, you may be looking for a solution. Door blinds are a great way to solve this problem, despite them not necessarily being ready made in the correct format and measurements. However certain types of blinds can be made to measure and adjusted accordingly so that you can keep your doors covered just like everywhere else.

So, we thought we’d suggest a few different styles of blinds that you can use to keep your doors covered.


Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are perfect for covering large surfaces of glass, and are a really practical option for if you are wanting some coverage for your doors. For example, if you have a conservatory, you can get vertical blinds to go all the way around, covering all windows and doors. They are pretty plain and simple, but do the job just right and are easy to adjust and open and close. Vertical blinds are also great for privacy, so if you are wanting to keep the room a little more private from neighbours, putting vertical blinds across is ideal. They can also be tilted open and closed too, to control privacy and light just the way you would like to.



From more of an aesthetical and design point of view, shutters can be a really stunning choice of blinds for your doors. They often come made to measure and look slick, tidy and compact when across your doors. This could be ideal if you have patio doors. Shutters are really practical in the way they are designed and can also be adjusted by opening or closing, or tilting the slats in order to control light and privacy. Another good thing about shutters, which is ideal for doors, is that they actually help keep the room insulated as they can block out the cold from outside, allowing the room to maintain a steady temperature.


Roller blinds

The best thing about roller blinds, is that they are the most made to measure style you can get. This is perfect for doors, as of course doors come in all different shapes and sizes, and it needs to fit perfectly not only for practical reasons but also to ensure that it compliments the rest of the decor. Roller blinds are a really simple design, as they are basically just a piece of material in any colour or pattern, made to fit the desired area. Because of this, they look very classy and appealing as they don’t necessarily have to stand out, but just fit in perfectly with the general design of the room.


If you would like to know more or are interested in buying some blinds for your doors, we would be more than happy to help! Simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be able to advise you or get your desired blinds measured up for you.