Are you the kind of person that just can’t get to sleep, even with the slightest bit of light creeping into your room? This is quite a common bother to people. If you have a bedroom at the front of the house, that overlooks distractions such as streetlights, it can be annoyingly noticeable when you’re trying to get off to sleep. The solution we most recommend, is getting blackout blinds. These are fantastic for a number of reasons, but their main quality of interest, is that they virtually block out all light.

Choosing blinds for any part of your home can be a tricky decision, as you have to consider both design and practicality. Blackout blinds are something we really recommend, and here are a few reasons why…


Getting a good night’s sleep all year round

It’s not as much of an issue now that we’re comfortably into our winter months, but come spring and summer when the mornings become lighter, earlier, and the nights get darker, later, this can present itself as quite a common problem when you’re trying to sleep. If you’re someone who can’t sleep when there is any light in the room, summer time can become a little disruptive. It means that you may struggle to fall asleep until it is completely pitch black outside, or you may even be woken up earlier due to the sunlight shining through your blinds.

Blackout blinds erase this inconvenience completely. They ensure that your bedroom remains dark no matter what time of year it is. Furthermore, even throughout winter when it is dark, there can still be other elements that disturb you and allow some sort of light into the room. So, blackout blinds are certainly something to consider to prevent disruption in your sleep all year round. It may also benefit you if you have children that experience this problem, too, as it will allow them to sleep through the whole night without waking up.


Peace and quiet

Due to the thick fabric that blackout blinds are made from, they are actually pretty noise proof, too. They may not block out sound as well as they do light, but if not blocked completely, any noise from outside will certainly be a lot quieter. Perhaps you aren’t necessarily bothered by daylight entering your bedroom, but find it hard to sleep when it’s not completely silent. Blackout blinds will also solve this problem for you and make your sleep more peaceful.



When you hear the name ‘blackout blinds’ you may automatically assume that they just look like thick, black blinds. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Blackout blinds actually come in lots of different colours, so that you can make sure they match your interior design as well as serving their main purpose. You also don’t have to be too concerned with how your blackout blinds look, as you can just use them to go underneath pre-existing or new curtains just to add that extra blockage from light outside. This way, you can choose any kind of patterned curtains to suit your bedroom, and just put the blackout blinds underneath to serve their main purpose.


For more information or if you are interested in purchasing some blackout blinds yourself, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact page as we will be more than happy to help you!