Interior design is always fun and exciting, because there are endless ways to experiment, and design trends are ever-changing. Everybody likes to switch up their interior design from time to time, whether this is in keeping with the seasons, or simply because you fancy a change. One part of interior design that is quite important and that tends to change a lot, is colour scheme. Colours are very interesting, as they have the power to completely transform the whole atmosphere of a room. Furthermore, colours can be incorporated into design through all kinds of features, from furniture, to wallpaper, to accessories. 

Whilst winter is approaching us, we thought we’d talk about cool tones, and how they can be used to bring a room to life.


Winter blues

Blue is associated with being a very cold colour, making it the perfect choice for winter. However, although it feels cold, blue tones do infact create a very homely vibe. Furthermore, blue works with just about any interior design theme, making it easily compatible with existing designs if you wish to simply add a few tones throughout the design. On the other hand, if you are completely starting from scratch with design, there are so many opportunities as to what you can do and how you can work the different tones together to create impact.


Calming and relaxing

Cool blue tones are notorious for being calming colours, and making a room feel very peaceful. Blue tends to make the mind relax, and allow you to feel comfortable. It offers tranquility, and creates a space for you to feel peace and harmony. This is perfect for rooms such as the living room, or your bedroom, where you go to relax or spend time winding down.


Plenty of variety

There are so many different shades of blue, providing you with a range of gorgeous tones to choose from. This could be from either end of the scale and anything from royal blue to baby blue. Although tones such as navy tend to be a bit more powerful and create more of a statement, overall, whichever of these cool tones you go for, you will ultimately create the same sort of atmosphere and create the perfect distraction from the gloomy winter weather outside.

The variety of these cool blue tones will allow you to intercept into your interior design in any way you want. You can find the perfect match to enhance your design and create the perfect, relaxing atmosphere.


Blue blinds and curtains

As we mentioned, you can use just about anything as part of a colour scheme, and this includes your blinds and curtains. With the huge range of styles available, blinds are perfect for enhancing your colour scheme. For example, you could get roller blinds that are navy, to create quite a big impact, or on the other hand, you may choose to have a pale blue so that it is subtle but blends in with the rest of the colour scheme and interior design. However you choose to incorporate these cool tones is up to you, but blinds and curtains are a great way to involve them!