With the recent hot weather we have had, naturally people are making the most of being outside and enjoying the sunshine from the comfort of their garden. Something we highly recommend and provide to our customers in a range of styles, are awnings and canopies. These are the perfect addition to your garden, especially during the summer, and they really add that little something extra. 

Not only do awnings and canopies look great, but they are also very practical, too. They create a comfortable outdoor space for you to enjoy, whilst also providing shelter and protection from the sun, which is ideal if you have children.

Here at Newton le Willows Blinds & Curtains, we have a range of different awnings and canopies available, and we thought we would tell you about some of these as well as why they could make a great addition to your garden…


Types of awnings and canopies available

Awnings and canopies vary in style, size and design. Our range includes 4a Economy 115, Midi 125, Elite 210, Retro 560, Retro Semi – Cassette, and Velum 600. With this range of awnings and canopies available, it allows us to provide our customers with the perfect match, and ensures they will find exactly what they’re looking for. Each of these types of awnings and canopies are designed differently to suit your individual preferences and serve the best practical value. 

Furthermore, we also provide awning covers as well as awning motorisation. Awning covers help to keep your awning in good condition and ensures that it is kept well looked after and remains long lasting. Awning motorisation is very practical and a more modern approach, as this means your awning can be automated and controlled, rather than operated manually. 


Why you should consider getting an awning or canopy this summer

Though awnings and canopies are great for the garden all year round, they are particularly handy in summer, and can really bring your garden to life. Having an awning or canopy on your property is actually known to increase curb appeal, as well as provide practical uses all year round. No matter the weather, they provide great protection and coverage, but during summer people tend to get a lot more practical use out of them.

They can be a great addition if you are looking to enhance the appearance and overall design of your garden. A lot of people take pride in their gardens and are always looking for new ways to bring it to life and make it look great. Having an awning or canopy is a new and different way to achieve this. 

Awnings and canopies are ideal for social gatherings and occasions. They provide a comfortable outdoor space for you and your friends and family to gather and enjoy socialising. This is great for if you are hosting a little get together and want to provide a calm and comfortable setting for you and your guests.

Another practical benefit to having an awning or canopy, is energy saving. Due to the way they shield the weather, they will block the sun from entering your home during the summer. This helps to keep your home a lot cooler, and therefore requires you to use less cooling energy, making it an energy efficient investment.

Finally, awnings and canopies are really good for protecting decking. Having decking in your garden looks very nice and has modern appeal, however this can become hindered by the weather. Decking is much more appealing and comfortable with something to protect it from the weather. Having an awning or canopy will allow you to enjoy this space no matter the weather, as you will have that extra protection. 

If this sounds like something you are interested in, we would love to help. Simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will answer any enquiries that you may have.