How to Seek the Benefits of Motorisation

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You may have heard the term ‘motorisation’ thrown around before, but what you’re probably most interested in is, how can it benefit you? To give you a little background information, motorisation means when something is electric and can be remote controlled etc. and we offer this service mostly in the form of motorised blinds and garage doors.

Here are a few of the things you can benefit from with motorisation…

It can be bespoke

With motorisation, we can make the service as bespoke as you would like. You have the option to choose your own design and function, whether this be for motorised blinds or a motorised garage door. The extent of the service is also entirely up to you. For example, we could install a brand new motorised door for you or just simply automate your existing one – it all depends on what you want. At Newton le Willows Blinds & Curtains, we will always do our very best to offer the perfect solution for you. Furthermore, we provide several different types of garage doors etc so that your motorised door is fully suited to your property.

Protection and safety

It’s probably fair to say that safety is the main priority in anything we do. Motorisation doesn’t just apply to blinds and garage doors, it also comes in the form of security shutters. Having motorised security shutters without a doubt makes your home and the surrounding area much more safe and secure.

However, motorised garage doors can also improve the safety at your property, as roller garage doors are ideal for driveways with little or limited space. With no outward swing at all, it means you can park right up to the garage door and still able to operate it without risk of damage to your car. To add to this, at our company, we ensure that all of our garage doors are installed with the latest obstacle detection and PDT units. Safety is a fundamental concern so we fit Safety Edge collision detection as standard.


Relevant to both motorised blinds and garage doors or security shutters, the whole premise of motorisation is a much more convenient option for you. For example, perhaps you park inside your garage – is it a bit of a pain having to get in and out of your car to open and close it so that you can drive in and out? This doesn’t have to be an issue anymore, as motorisation is here to save the day. With automation or just the click of a button, the job is done for you!

Cost effective

One of the most appealing things about motorisation is how cost effective is is. Upgrading anything to motorised increases the value of your property as it’s more modern and convenient. This could be good in the future should you ever go on to sell the property because it’s a great selling point, and it’s modern, advanced and easy. Motorisation eliminates so much hassle and the benefits outweigh any potential issues from cost.

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In early 2014 the standards regarding the manufacture, supply and professional installation of internal window blinds changed significantly. It is now illegal to supply or professionally install a window blind which does not comply with the child safety requirements of BS EN 13120:2009+A1:2014.

If your current blinds do not comply with the child safety standards, do not hesitate to contact us, via our contact us page, or call 01925 653971 for a quote!

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