Though blinds and curtains don’t require a huge amount of maintenance, it is still important to keep them clean and look after them so that they remain in good condition. As with anything, if you neglect your blinds and curtains, over time you will see the repercussions of this. This could mean that they become discoloured, or that the material starts to corrode due to the dirt and bacteria that is sat on the surface. 

Cleaning your blinds and curtains isn’t a difficult process, however different styles require different levels of care and techniques in order to clean them properly and effectively. So, we thought we should share some advice with you on the different types of blinds and curtains and the best ways that you can clean these… 



Shutters are very simple to clean, and this can be easily incorporated into your weekly routine of cleaning the house. All you have to do is shut the blinds completely so that all the slats are laid flat and touching each other, and dust them down from top to bottom. How thoroughly you do this is up to you, you could carefully dust down each individual slat, or just do a general sweeping clean of the whole thing and then do a thorough clean every few months. You can do this with a cloth or a feather duster. 


Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are arguably one of the more difficult styles of blinds to clean. This can be a bit more of a lengthy task than most other styles, as it often requires you cleaning each slat from top to bottom and on both sides. As with all blinds and curtains, the frequency of cleaning is up to you. We would advise some sort of weekly cleaning to ensure that they are not gathering dust, however if necessary you can conduct more thorough cleans a bit less frequently. 

When cleaning vertical blinds, you can dust them down with a cloth, or you can also vacuum them. With this sort of material it is also necessary to sometimes give them a wipe down with warm water and soap to ensure that they are fully clean. After doing this you should wipe them down with a cloth to dry them. 


Pleated blinds

To give pleated blinds a general clean and get rid of any dust and dirt sitting on the surface, you should gently vacuum them on each side. Following this, if there are any areas of dirt or any marks left on the pleats, you can purchase specific fabric cleaners for this purpose. When applying the cleaner you should be able to remove the stain completely. This process should be done as gently as possible so as not to cause any damage to the blinds. 


Roman blinds

Roman blinds are also easily cleaned with a vacuum. You should use the upholstery attachment and gently vacuum the dust from the surface. This should work to keep your blinds looking clean and tidy. If you notice any marks or stains you should attempt to clean this off with a damp cloth. If this doesn’t work, you can purchase fabric cleaner to get it off completely, however you must make sure this is compatible with the material of your blinds beforehand.



Curtains vary quite a lot with different materials, thickness and lining. Therefore, some styles may require different levels of care and cleaning than others. Some fabric curtains are washable, so every so often you can just take them down and put them through the wash. However, you must make absolutely sure beforehand that you are able to do this otherwise it will cause damage to the curtains. 

A lot of styles of curtains are cleaned well from washing by hand. Using a cloth, warm water and the appropriate cleaning product for the material, you can get rid of any marks or dirt. On top of this, you should regularly dust down your curtains. Washing them doesn’t have to be a regular thing, however getting rid of dust and grime on the surface can easily be done every one or two weeks just by dusting them down. 

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