How To Pull Off The Perfect Lockdown Home Makeover On A Budget

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Having spent so much more time at home over the last year, you’ve probably looked around your home at some point and wondered if there’s anything you can do to refresh your space and give it a new look – especially now that the UK is under its third national lockdown and you likely have a little more time on your hands.

However, it may feel like giving your home a full makeover could be a pretty costly project and that can put many of us off. Luckily, there are plenty of things that you can do to refresh your space on a much smaller budget and with great final results!

Here are just a few of our favourite tips and tricks for pulling off the perfect home makeover without breaking the bank.

Work With What You Already Have

While wanting to change up the look of your space completely might leave you drawing up a budget for a whole new set of furniture, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way!

Look around your space and at all of the furniture you already have – is there anything you can do to change the way they look?

There are a wide range of tips available online for upcycling furniture pieces to give them a brand new look to suit the new style of your space, and plenty of these tips are surprisingly inexpensive. With just a few cans of paint, a tin of varnish, a roll of wallpaper, new fixtures and fittings, etc., you can get that old bedside drawer or worn-out coffee table looking every bit the bespoke designer piece without the designer price tag!

You’d be surprised just how much difference a few subtle adjustments can make to the look of your tired, old furniture pieces, so get creative and see what you can do! Why not spend an evening looking around the internet for some of the great hacks and craft tips that have helped thousands of others do the same?

Get Comfortable With A Bit Of DIY

Even if you’ve never been the type, lockdown is the perfect time to finally learn the art of do-it-yourself – once you know your way around a few key tools, you’ll never look back!

There are plenty of home adjustments that traditionally cost thousands to be made by a team of professionals, but that can be replicated surprisingly easily for yourself once you know how.

Once again, the internet is full of fantastic DIY tips for even the most hesitant of beginners, so it’s certainly worth looking around and see just how many tasks that you would usually outsource to a professional can be done without any help whatsoever! You’re sure to surprise yourself and your DIY practice will come in handy for years to come.

Don’t just take our word for it. Even recently, hundreds of eager DIY-ers have been trying their hand at installing the vintage-inspired wall panelling seen in many celebrity homes, using much cheaper and easily accessible materials such as MDF.

One couple featured in The Daily Mail recently completed this popular project for just £250, having been quoted £7,000 for the work by a professional contractor, so there’s huge savings to be made here.

At the very least, taking on some DIY projects can be great fun if you’ve found yourself at a loose end, which we’re sure plenty of us have recently!

Remember The Power Of Soft Furnishings

While applying wallpaper and painting the walls may be one task you think is best outsourced to a team of professionals, you don’t necessarily need to change your walls at all in order to give your space a whole new look.

Soft furnishings, for the most part, are what really create the atmosphere of a room. Items such as sofa cushions, lampshades, throws, rugs, art and ornamental pieces bring a huge amount of character and personality to a space. Choosing these carefully is sure to make a difference to the room as a whole, bringing your makeover vision together in perfect harmony without a single paintbrush being dipped!

One of the soft furnishings which is sure to make the most noticeable difference to your space is the addition of beautiful new blinds or curtains. Switch out your tired, old drapes for stylish wooden blinds or beautiful floor-length curtains, guaranteed to give your home a feel of luxury and style.

We offer a huge variety of curtains and blinds here at Newton-Le-Willows Blinds & Curtains, so why not take a look at our range and see just what a difference this small change can make to your living space?

Light It Up

You’d be surprised what a huge difference a little clever lighting can make to your space!

While many of us think our spaces are served fine by the ‘big light’ or a couple of smaller lamps to create a softer atmosphere, getting creative with your lighting solutions can completely alter the look and feel of your living areas.

Play around with all the different lighting solutions on offer, whether it’s bright, vibrant neon signs, LED spotlights or softer, more ornamental lamps placed on your mantelpiece. You can even get smart lighting solutions, with WiFi-connected bulbs that can be installed into any light. These are controlled via your phone or smart home assistant (Google Nest, Amazon Echo, etc.) to take the atmosphere from soft, dim lighting to colour-changing party-style lighting in seconds – the ultimate in modern lighting innovations.

Using all these clever tips, you’re sure to find yourself bringing together a home makeover which looks every part the expensive interior design job, created beautifully and on a budget by you – and you’ll probably have a great time doing it too!