Curtain lining probably makes a lot more of a difference to your curtains than you realise. Lining isn’t always top of the list of what to consider when choosing curtains for your home, as you would be more inclined to go off appearance, colours and patterns, and perhaps the feel and the thickness of the curtains themselves. However, lining plays a much bigger part than you realise. It makes such a difference, from how much light is blocked out, to the way your curtains hang. 

Because curtain lining has the ability to make such a difference to your home and interior decoration, we decided we would talk about some of the ways that different types of lining can provide extra benefits within your home.


Extra insulation

Having extra insulation is something you should always welcome, as the benefits to this are endless. One way to insulate your home is by having good quality, thick curtain lining. This insulative layer can make the world of difference, as it will keep out the cold from around your windows, as well as stop heat escaping from the room and it will help to keep the room warmer for longer. As a result of this, you will see your heating bills decline, therefore making this type of curtain lining great value for money.

You can actually get specifically designed thermal lining for this purpose. This is fantastic for retaining heat during the colder months, as well as keeping the room a little cooler throughout the summer. Furthermore, the extra microfibre in this insulative layer will also provide you with other benefits, such as blocking out the light as well as reducing noise from outside. 


More coverage

Choosing a thicker curtain lining or blackout lining will provide you with so much more coverage within your home. This extra layer of thickness provides a much better covering of your windows and will block out the light from outside a lot more successfully than thinner materials such as polycotton. 

Most people like their curtains or blinds to offer strong coverage of the windows and keep out all light and disturbances from outside. The key to this is choosing thick curtain lining or blackout lining which is specifically designed for this purpose. This will allow you complete privacy, a better night’s sleep, and a much more peaceful night!


Extended lifespan

Curtain lining is basically an extra layer on your curtains, and with this comes an extra layer of protection. This is very practical as it can actually make your curtains last longer due to the way the material is protected. This extra layer will prevent the colour from fading, as well as the quality of the material, and it will also keep dust from sitting on the surface of your curtains. Therefore, having a good quality curtain lining made from thick material will ultimately prolong the lifespan of your curtains and keep them in better condition for longer. 



Though we have discussed curtain linings that are great for the winter months to keep out the cold air and retain the heat in your home, as well as the benefits to having thick curtain lining, there are also more summer-friendly options available. During the warmer months you may not want something thick and heavy, and polycotton is the perfect blend of materials for this. 

Polycotton is very lightweight and airy, and allows the air to pass through which is ideal for summertime. On the whole, polycotton is a pretty safe option of curtain lining to go for as it ticks a lot of the boxes you need, whilst also keeping your curtain fabric safe from sunlight damage. Furthermore, it is only a thin material which helps to keep your home a bit cooler and more appropriate for the hotter months.

If you would like to know more about curtain lining or are interested in getting some new blinds or curtains for your home, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!