A great way to keep the interior design within your home fresh and exciting, is by adding new theming in keeping with the seasons. So for example, each season you may switch out accessories, ornaments, pillow cases and even your blinds and curtains to colours associated with that particular season. This is a really good way to get creative in your own home and constantly give the design a refresh and put your own touch on things. 

With such a huge variety of blinds and curtains available when it comes to different styles and colours, these are a great thing to accessorise your home with. Though they hold practical value and purpose, they can also do a lot for your interior design, and we wanted to talk about how you can use this to your advantage this summer…


It’s all about the warm tones

Warm tones are what is most heavily associated with summer. These colours automatically bring a warmth and summer-like atmosphere to the room. You can incorporate these tones in many ways, for example if your general decor is quite neutral, you can add a few temporary bits and pieces to the design to bring some warmth and provide the consistency of summer theming. This can be through all sorts of accessories and things like rugs, cushions, blinds and curtains. Blinds such as roller blinds are ideal for this as they come as fabric in all different colours and shades. 


Use roller blinds

If you are incorporating summer colours into your interior design and want to use your blinds as a part of this, we would recommend getting roller blinds. This style of blinds come in such a huge variety of different colours and shades, meaning you can find just about the perfect match for any theme and colour scheme. Furthermore, they are affordable and very practical, therefore making them a good choice of blinds overall. 

As well as this, because there are such a huge variety of colours to choose from with roller blinds, you could actually get something a little more neutral that you will be able to work with no matter how you change your interior design. You might consider a warm toned neutral that is going to match with a summer theme, but also look natural all year round. 


Coastal and beach themes

Sometimes, using blinds and curtains to alter your design each season can be a little impractical. They can be a bit more difficult to change on a regular basis, not to mention costly depending on what style of blinds you go for. However, if you think a lot about the interior design in advance, there are definitely ways around this. 

One theme that is really good for summer, is coastal and beach themed rooms. This gives a summer-like atmosphere as it is of course reminiscent of being at a beach location, which is generally associated with summertime and hot weather. Coastal themes tend to use cooler tones, like blues. Therefore, you could have blue blinds or curtains, which suit the vibe of the colder months, yet also fit in with this sort of theme that you may opt for during summer. 


Lighter materials are better for the warmer months

When using blinds and curtains to incorporate summer theming into your home, you need to think practically as well. Though you might be concerned with choosing something based on colour, you should also think about the thickness and weight of the material. For example, thick heavy curtains may not necessarily be what you want when creating a summer feel to the room, but instead you could switch it out for something made of a thinner, more lightweight material, or perhaps some blinds that allow more light exposure so that you can control the sunlight in the room.


There are so many things to consider when using blinds and curtains to enhance a design or theme in your home. If you would like some advice on how to do this or are looking to buy some new blinds or curtains, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.