Interior Design Trends We’ll See Throughout 2021

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We’re right at the start of a new year and, with it, we’re getting ready for all the new interior design trends that we’ll surely be seeing throughout the year ahead!

2020 was all about big florals, marble and bold colours but 2021 is sure to bring a change in the interior design tastes of homeowners everywhere. Even though we’re only in January, we’re already starting to get a taste of what the top interior design trends for the next year will be, with celebrity homes and the styles of top interior designers being showcased across the internet and bringing about plenty of great new ideas.

If you’re planning on refreshing your space this year and are looking for a little inspiration, here are just a few of the trends that you’ll want to keep a sharp eye out for and maybe incorporate into the look of your own home.

Regency-Inspired Decor

With the whole world going Bridgerton-mad with the release of the hit Netflix drama, it was inevitable that we might start to see some of that regency era luxury creeping in to our own home design ideas in 2021.

These styles will be particularly popular within living rooms and bedrooms, where they’ll come in the form of heavy soft furnishings and grand, hardwood furniture. Lighter cushions, quilts and curtains will be likely be switched out for more expensive-looking, elegant alternatives, so you can expect to see plenty of satin and embroidery in the bedroom and living area, as well as floor-length drapes, lined and made from more opaque fabrics than we’ve seen popularised in recent years.

Why not take a look at the curtains on offer at Newton-Le-Willows Blinds & Curtains if you’re looking to inject some regency era glamour into your own living space?

Solid hardwood furniture is set to make a huge comeback, with darker wood being the most popular. We may also see a resurgence of furniture pieces that aren’t seen quite as commonly in homes these days, such as chaise-lounges, ottermans and even bureaus – a great workspace solution for those who are still working from home!

Finally, you may have seen plenty of living rooms, hallways and bedrooms featuring grand, wooden half-wall panelling throughout 2020 – this is one vintage trend which will certainly be sticking around for another year.

Layering Vintage And Modern

2020 was all about the thoroughly modern look – all-grey furniture, marble-print wallpaper, rose gold accents and geometric pieces were all hugely popular throughout the year. This year, the modern look will be taking a backseat and sharing the stage with the staple-styles of the past.

While the modern trends listed above will likely fade out over the year, the modern industrial look will stick around, providing a modern edge to vintage and retro-inspired rooms. For example, Chesterfield sofas will be popular, particularly in earth tones and leather, though the end table placed next to them will likely provide a home for an industrial-look wireframe lamp, complete with an edison bulb.

Essentially, bold, vintage furniture is in – but they’ll be dressed in furnishings that come very much from the 21st century.

As for wall décor, we’ll see a comeback of vintage posters, such as those used to advertise products, films and music of times-gone-by. If you’ve any old film posters packed away from the last time this trend came about, there’s never been a better time to dig them out again!

This look will also leave you saving a little money, as unique, vintage items bought secondhand will likely give your space a much more fitting finishing touch than the expensive items available from many current retailers. When you get chance, why not take a look around your local charity shops and see if your next favourite centrepiece is right there waiting for you?


Simple, classic and timeless – monochrome is a trend that seems to stay at the forefront of interior design with every passing year.

With monochrome design remaining such an effortlessly stylish look, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see the design world’s love of simple black and white fading to grey any time soon.

The prints that we’ll see on the statement-pieces within this style of space will be slightly different, however. We’ve already mentioned the popularity of geometrics last year, with geometric-print rugs, cushions and even wallpaper being a staple in many a monochrome space – this year, we’re going even bolder.

As far as black and white prints go, we’re likely to see a huge surge in the popularity of checkerboard print and even cow print – a trend which, while previously seen as a little ‘too much’, is all over Instagram right now.

These prints will likely feature most as an accent print, with the staple pieces of the room being simple block colours, black and white. We offer a range of black and white curtains and blinds which will allow you to really tie your room together, so be sure to take a look!

Plants – Everywhere!

Artificial plants are out and real plants are in – and they’re all over every room of your house.

In a time when we’re all trying to do our bit for the environment, the inclusion of plants within your living space has never been more popular. Trailing plants hung in the bathroom, succulents on mantelpieces, flowers in the kitchen and large, potted palms in the corner will all be hugely present throughout interior design in 2021. Just make sure you’ve got a friend who is willing to water them for you when you go on holiday!

While there’s plenty of new trends we’re yet to discover, these four trends are sure to make an appearance in homes everywhere over the next year, from grand celebrity mansions to the cosy front living rooms of friends and family. How will you bring them into your own space?