Here in the UK, we have been getting some exceptionally warm weather recently, and there is even more of that to come. Because of this, people have been wanting to spend more time outdoors embracing the sun and heat before it’s gone. This is a perfect opportunity to make the most of your garden through the summer. Whether you’re hosting a barbeque for friends and family, or simply relaxing out in the sun, you should make the most of your garden whilst the weather is nice. One thing that makes this better, is having an awning or a canopy, as this allows you to enjoy the outdoors and warm weather, whilst being able to stay protected or perhaps keep your children out of the sun so that they are not exposed to it too much. 

Awnings and canopies are something that we provide to our customers, and so we wanted to make you more aware of some of the fantastic benefits and give you a few reasons why you may want to consider getting one…


New social area

Awnings and canopies are great for providing a brand new social area outdoors on your property. For example, if you are hosting a bit of a get together, whether this is to celebrate a birthday or special event, or you just want to get some of your nearest and dearest round for a nice relaxed evening, having an awning or canopy allows you to do this outside, which is perfect for summer evenings. Furthermore, it also provides you with a bit of extra privacy in your garden. 


Handy in unpredictable weather

UK weather is unpredictable at the best of times, and this can be a little disruptive in summer if you’re wanting to be outdoors enjoying the sun. However, having an awning or canopy allows you to still enjoy the outdoors even in odd rainy spells. Perhaps it is forecast for some light rain at some point in the day. Having an awning or canopy allows you to take shelter until it passes over if you don’t want to be stuck inside. 


It provides shade

Although sunny weather is quite rare for us and we like to embrace it and make the most of it, us Brits do love to have the option of going in the shade. This is why awnings and canopies are ideal, as they allow you this option in the comfort of your garden, so if at any point you want a break from the sunshine but don’t want to be stuck indoors, you can simply get underneath one of those and keep nice and shaded. 


Good if you have children

Awnings and canopies are a great addition to the garden if you have children. As we briefly mentioned, sometimes you don’t want your children in the sun for too long and they might need a little break from it. Having the option for them to carry on playing with their toys or doing whatever they’re doing but simply moving to the shade is a sure way to keep them happy whilst allowing you to relax and put your mind at rest. Furthermore, they’re good for enabling you to keep a close eye on your children if they’re playing outside. It’s a bit of security if they want to go out while you’re perhaps busy doing something in the house, or on the other hand, you may not necessarily want to be in the sun whilst they’re playing outside, but you could sit underneath and keep a watchful eye on them. 


Adds value to your property

Aside from all of the immediate benefits you will get from having an awning or canopy on your property, there are also long term benefits, as they can actually add value to your home. Of course, all of the practical benefits we have mentioned throughout this blog are very appealing to home buyers, which could put your property in higher demand on the market. Not only this, but they also look visually appealing, and are essentially a nice modern upgrade for your house. 

For more information or if you would like to speak to us about awnings or canopies, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!