Our Thoughts: Which Blinds And Curtains Are Best For Each Room In My House?

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When taking on a home makeover project, we might first be thinking about the bigger changes – new furniture, wallpaper, new carpets, etc. In actual fact, it’s pretty easy to make a room look completely different just by switching out the soft furnishings, and refreshing your curtains and blinds is the perfect place to start!

These days, you can pick up curtains and blinds in a huge range of different colours, styles, materials and designs. So which curtains and blinds are best for your home? Are certain curtains and blinds more suited to some rooms in your home than others?

Here, we’ll take a look at some different styles of curtains and blinds, and which rooms in your house they will look their best in.

Best For The Living Room

The living room is, of course, the central hub of your household – it’s where you relax with a glass of wine, where you enjoy a few episodes of your favourite show and it’s where you most likely host visitors to your home, too. If there’s any room where you want the most stylish, best-fitting blinds and curtains, it’s the living room.

The most popular type of blinds for living rooms are, of course, vertical blinds. This is because they’re particularly versatile. You can have them completely closed for full privacy, have them drawn but open or have them completely drawn back to really make the most of the view outside of your window.

We offer a number of different styles of vertical blinds in a variety of vibrant colours, so you’re sure to find the perfect style for your living room.

Roman blinds also look great in any living room. Available in a range of different fabrics, they can be folded to offer you whichever level of shade that you require in your space.

Best For Kitchens & Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms both suit very similar styles of blinds, and we have a huge variety available.

Venetian blinds always look particularly stylish in any kitchen or bathroom. These blinds allow you to let in an optimal amount of natural light, whilst still maintaining a sense of privacy, and the slats can be easily re-angled as and when you need them to be completely closed.

Our range of Venetian blinds is wide enough that you’re sure to find the perfect set of blinds for your space. One very popular style of our Venetian blinds is our range of wooden Venetian blinds – these blinds will spruce up any bathroom or kitchen space and add a sense of style and luxury to the room. We also have wood-effect aluminium blinds, too – these blinds are strong and durable, yet just as stylish as their real-wood counterparts. All our Venetian blinds are made to measure, too!

If you’re looking for a softer blind, how about our range of roller blinds? These are great for allowing plenty of natural light into your kitchen or bathroom, and can be easily lowered or raised within seconds when you need them to be closed. We even have roller blinds made with water-resistant fabrics – perfect for use in any kitchen or bathroom.

Roller blinds are also perfect for those looking to really customise the design of their blinds. With us, you can customise the pulls, poles, eyelets and add the finishing touches to your roller blinds that will really give that personal finish to this integral part of your bathroom or kitchen design.

Best For Bedrooms

When it comes to choosing the perfect blinds and curtains for your bedrooms, you can’t really go wrong! Almost any style of blind or curtain will suit your bedroom space – it’s all about what you, personally, prefer.

Vertical blinds, roller blinds, Roman blinds and Venetian blinds can all be chosen to fit the windows in your bedrooms. Whatever style, colour, material or level of natural light you’d like your blinds to let in, there’s a perfect style for you. Take a look at our range, get creative and pick out the very best design to complete your space!

Of course, curtains are integral to the finishing touches of any bedroom makeover!

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then curtains are the mascara of the window – an added touch to really frame your windows perfectly, curtains can really tie a room together. Luckily, we have a wide range available, and curtains can be customised to fit the design of any room in your home perfectly. Whether you’re the type who simply wants your curtains to be a beautiful added feature to the interior design of your space or if you’re the type who needs your curtains to provide a full blackout effect in order to get a great night’s sleep, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for with us.

Best For Conservatories

If you’ve got a conservatory and really want to go all out on those final design touches, there’s nothing better than our range of motorised blinds!

Sit back and relax and take control of your blinds remotely. Block the world out or open them up at the touch of a button to enjoy the view outside of your window. Motorised blinds are the perfect addition to your home, and the conservatory is where they really come into their own.

Best For Your Garage

We don’t just deal with shutters inside the home!

We offer a range of roller garage doors, which are perfect for garages at the end of driveways which have limited space available – these doors don’t need space for any outward swing, so they’re efficient and space saving, as well as being much easier to open than traditional, manual swing doors.

Whatever it is you’re looking for and whatever the room they’re going in, you’re bound to find the perfect curtains and blinds with us. We offer no obligation consultations, so why not get in touch today and see what our extensive range could bring to your home?