Over time, your blinds can be prone to or susceptible to damage. This applies to all different styles of blinds and can be down to a number of reasons, however damage isn’t always as daunting as it may first seem, and quite often, there are ways you can fix the problem yourself and prevent it from happening again. Of course, some blinds are better and stronger quality than others, therefore making them slightly more resistant to damage, however it can still occur from things such as improper use or lack of care.

We wanted to talk about a few of the common kinds of damage to occur with blinds, and tell you how you could fix these things yourself. It’s also important to know when professional help should be necessary, or on the other hand, if it is something you are able to fix without professional assistance.



A common problem with lots of different kinds of blinds, is sticking. For example, the blinds will not raise or lower when trying to manually control them. This is common in roller blinds and is often a result of an issue with the pawl, a part of the blinds that enables them to be lowered and raised via the control strings. If it has gotten jammed, it will most likely need releasing, which generally requires you to take the blinds down from the head rail and press the pawl back to enable movement to continue.


Slats not tilting

This is another common issue with the likes of wooden and venetian blinds. Now and again, slats can get caught or stuck, which may prevent them from tilting when you try to operate them. This could be because the string ladder or wheel is out of place, and to fix this can be as simple as locating the issue and manually making the correct adjustment to put it back into place. Furthermore, if something needs to be adjusted or has gotten caught, you may benefit from taking the blinds down from the rail and making sure whatever is causing the problem is put back into place.


Broken chains on vertical blinds

This tends to happen quite a lot, however is by no means a big problem at all. With vertical blinds, there are chains running across the bottom that connect them all together. Quite often, these can break or detach from the blinds in certain places, perhaps due to getting caught on something, or simply from moving the blinds from open to closed. The purpose of the chain is basically to keep each slat connected and in sync with one another, so it isn’t so much an urgent problem if they are to break in places. Furthermore, this problem is easily fixed by replacing the chains and clipping in new ones.


Seeking professional help

Occasionally, you encounter problems that are a little more severe and require professional attention. If your blinds are in a condition that is beyond your capability of fixing, we advise calling somebody out for professional repair. If it’s something that can’t be fixed by yourself, the state of your blinds can become quite bothersome as a result, and so it’s better to get them repaired sooner rather than later.

This is something we are very familiar here at Newton le Willows Blinds & Curtains as we are often called out for repairs. If there is anything we can do to help you, or if you would like more information and advice, you can get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.