Shutters or Blinds: Which to Choose?

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When it comes to shutters or blinds, you can get a little caught up in trying to decide what the differences are, which provide the most benefits, and what is right for your home. There’s no denying that both of these are fantastic, but of course for different reasons and purposes. So, it ultimately comes down to personal taste and preference and what you want to get out of it. How will they compliment your room? What are the practicalities of the two of them?

Let’s go straight in with the pros and cons then, shall we?

Pros of blinds

Blinds are extremely convenient for multiple reasons. Let’s start with the versatility of them. With blinds, there are just no limits. There are so many different styles available to choose from so that you can find the right fit for your home and ensure that they compliment the place perfectly. The broad range available makes it so much easier for you to match it with your room and the decor. Not only can they complete the whole look of your room, but they can actually change the appearance of it, too, and for the better. Is your room missing something? Could it do with a little pop of colour or fresh design?

Another great benefit of blinds is that they’re generally cheaper to install than shutters as they don’t require as much hassle with getting them fitted.

The thing we like best about blinds is that they’re so easy to adjust. They’re great for controlling light exposure. You can make them cover as much of the window as you’d like, or as little, therefore allowing you to control just how much light comes into the room.

Oh, and where do we start with the variety of blinds? There are so many unique types of blinds, and all designed in different ways, too. For example, some are designed with the slats fitted very compact together to prevent light from creeping through, which is ideal if you’re looking for something to keep out as much light as possible – this is often desired in bedrooms. Examples of different blinds include; roman blinds, venetian blinds, vertical blinds and roller blinds to name a few. Furthermore, with some blinds you can gain complete privacy as it prevents people on the outside being able to see in, however you are still able to let light through.

Cons of blinds

It’s difficult to pinpoint any bad things about blinds. One point could be that depending on the material of your chosen blinds, they could be a little more susceptible to damage, however this doesn’t go for all types of blinds.

Pros of shutters

One of the best qualities about shutters, is that they are bespoke and so made to suit the place in which they’re being fitted. They look very neat and tidy and are easy to keep clean and so are a lovely touch to any room as they look appealing and keep in a good state.

Another great thing, is that shutters provide quite a lot of perks when it comes to privacy. For example, one of them being that you can see out of them, but the people on the outside can’t really see in. This is down to the adjustability and design of shutters, as they can be set exactly as you’d like them, so that the perfect amount of light seeps through into the room, all whilst keeping your privacy and not being exposed to those passing by.

Whilst on the topic of light, you should know that shutters are quite good at keeping the light out. This is ideal for bedrooms, especially if you struggle to sleep when there’s a lot of light creeping through. Something else to keep in mind, is that due to the thermalite in shutters, they’re actually good for regulating the temperature of the room. As a result, this can contribute towards saving money on heating, as they tend to keep out the cold a bit better than reular blinds!

One thing you may not have known about shutters is that they can actually increase the overall value of your home. Shutters are known for being long lasting and having a good lifespan, so they’re a pretty good investment!

Cons of shutters

There’s not really much that can be said about shutters negatively, as they’re very good quality in every aspect. However, the one downside is that it can be an expensive process to get them fitted and installed. Now, shutters may be a little costly to install but they are in fact a good investment for your home long term.

So, which one should you choose?

Taking into consideration everything mentioned above, it really does come down to what you want. Which of the qualities we’ve mentioned ae most important to you, and which will you benefit from the most? Despite their differences, blinds and shutters do have a lot of similarities, too. For example, they’re both so easy to adjust, you can control how much light comes through, and they can be matched to your home with extreme care.

If you’re having trouble deciding between the two, why not speak to us today? You can give us a call on 01925 653 971 and we will give you the help and advice you’re looking for to steer you towards the right decision.

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In early 2014 the standards regarding the manufacture, supply and professional installation of internal window blinds changed significantly. It is now illegal to supply or professionally install a window blind which does not comply with the child safety requirements of BS EN 13120:2009+A1:2014.

If your current blinds do not comply with the child safety standards, do not hesitate to contact us, via our contact us page, or call 01925 653971 for a quote!

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