Taking Better Care Of Your Curtains & Blinds

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When it comes to refurbishing any part of your home, picking out the perfect pair of made-to-measure curtains or blinds is most definitely an investment worth making.


You may have seen your previous curtains and blinds deteriorate a little over time, but if you take proper care of your curtains and blinds, they’ll look just as great as the day that you bought them for years to come.


Here’s our guide to making the most of your investment by taking great care of your curtains and blinds.


Clean Your Curtains And Blinds Regularly


Just like anything else in your home, your curtains and blinds will need to be cleaned fairly regularly in order to be kept in the best possible condition.


The type of cleaning that you are able to do will vary between different styles of blinds and curtains.


When it comes to curtains, it’s important to find out early on whether or not the fabric of your curtains makes them suitable for machine washing – this will make for far easier maintenance, but not every style of curtain is suited to the washing machine. It’s best not to guess if you’re unsure, as the washing machine may damage the fabric, colour or lining of your curtains.


If your curtains are not machine washable, the best way to take care of them is by dusting them regularly and, every so often, cleaning them down by hand using soap (again, ensure this is suited to the fabric), warm water and an appropriate cloth or sponge for the material. You should be able to get rid of any marks or dirt this way.


As for blinds, the type of cleaning required or suited to them will vary depending on the style. Venetian blinds can generally be cleaned very easily, as they are commonly manufactured from a more hard-wearing material such as wood – clean these blinds by removing the dust with a dry, microfibre cloth or feather duster, then wiping down with a warm, damp cloth if necessary, making sure to go back over them with a clean, dry cloth afterwards.


Vertical blinds are arguably the most difficult variety of blind to clean as you’ll need to clean each slat from top to bottom on both sides in order to ensure that it gets a thorough clean. This is best done by getting rid of dust with a microfibre cloth or feather duster, or by using a handheld vacuum on a low setting. Once your blinds are dust-free, run a damp, soapy cloth (ensure that the soap will not damage the material) over each slat from top to bottom and on both sides, then finish by following up with a clean, dry cloth to get rid of any moisture.


When it comes to cleaning your blinds, weekly dusting should be enough to keep them in good condition, alongside giving them a more thorough clean every couple of months.


Check For Any Damage


Keeping an eye out for any damage that may have occurred to your curtains and blinds and dealing with it promptly will allow you to keep them in the best possible condition.


When it comes to blinds, this means keeping an eye out for any damage to links or pull cords. Ensure that pull cords aren’t becoming tangled or, in the case of string cords, frayed. With beaded cords, try to keep these from becoming tangled or stuck in the mechanism at the top, as this increases the risk of cords and links snapping.


With curtains, it’s important to check over the fabric for any fading, discolouration or damp damage that may have occurred. Fabric mould is more likely to occur during the winter, when cold, wet whether could lead to damp, condensation or leaks – if you do notice the beginning of any mould setting in, be sure to clean your curtains as best as thoroughly as you can using the steps above.


You can often prevent such damage from occurring by using curtain tiebacks to keep the fabric from coming into contact with condensation when your curtains are open and by keeping a close eye out for signs of damp or leaks around your windows and windowsills.


High-Quality Curtains & Blinds At Affordable Prices


Of course, the initial quality of your curtains and blinds is important, too – the higher the quality of the product, the less likely you are to see discolouration, fading, fraying and damage.


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