When picking blinds for your property, there are mountains of options to choose from. Furthermore, there are lots of different elements to consider, from what is going to look aesthetically pleasing inside your home, to the practical benefits. One specific style of blinds we wanted to focus on in this blog, is wooden blinds. As they are quite a diverse and popular style of blinds, we thought we would go into some more detail, and tell you all about the best qualities of wooden blinds and why you should consider having them in your home…


Made to measure

Wooden blinds can be made to measure, which means that no matter the size, shape and dimensions of the window you would like them to cover, they can be fitted to this perfectly. This will leave no corner of your window uncovered, and will look fantastic for design purposes. With a reliable service and professional fitting, wooden blinds will look great in your home. 


Exposure control

One of the best things about wooden blinds, is the accessibility to be able to change the amount of light let into the room. By adjusting the wooden slats, you can control exactly how much light exposure there is, therefore allowing you to make the room as bright or dim as you would like. Furthermore, they are very easily adjustable, enabling you to control exposure with ease and get it as precise as you’d like. 


Privacy control

For the same reasons as mentioned above, wooden blinds are perfect for privacy control. Because you can alter the slats how you wish, this allows you to control the privacy in the room as you can move the slats to keep your windows as covered up or open as you want to. You can roll the blinds up completely so that your whole window is exposed, or you can open the slats ever so slightly so that there is only a small amount of exposure into the room. As well as this, the way the slats on wooden blinds are designed means that although you can see out of your window, people can’t really see inside.


Aesthetically pleasing

Another great thing about wooden blinds is that they look good in just about any setting. No matter what interior design theme you have going on, you can be certain that wooden blinds will fit right into this. Whether the decor is quite old fashioned and traditional, or very modernised and classy, you will find wooden blinds to compliment this perfectly. They come in all different colours and designs, allowing you to find the perfect match for your windows.

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