Quite often when we are faced with freezing temperatures outside, as we are right now, all we want to do is stay at home, curl up on the sofa in our living room and get all cosy and relaxed. It’s probably fair to say that we won’t be expecting any warm weather in the near future, and so we thought it would be a good time to offer you some tips on how to stay cosy and warm in your home. What some people don’t realise, is that the blinds and curtains we choose to have in our homes, actually have an effect on this. Therefore, choosing the right type is essential in making your home as cosy as possible throughout these cold winter months.



How thick your blinds or curtains are has a profound impact on how warm and cosy the room feels. The choice of these that you go for can change the whole dynamic of a room. If it’s somewhere like your living room or bedroom, then you want to create as much of a warm, relaxing and cosy atmosphere as possible. One way to do this, is by going for thicker options. This could be a pair of thick curtains for example. The reason that this makes the place feel more cosy, is because it actually insulates the room, and also makes it feel more closed and homely.



Of course, there are many things we can do to feel snug. Simply making ourselves feel comfortable with things like extra cushions, blankets and candles. All of these things help to create a comfortable and cosy atmosphere in the room, however this can be helped by layering up your blinds and curtains. Perhaps you have roller blinds on your living room window, but adding some curtains on top of this would really help insulate the room and create more of a cosy vibe. Furthermore, you could have more than one set of blinds, to keep out any draft from the windows and add more of a thickness and secureness.


Warm colours

Sometimes, warming the place up with your colour choice is all it takes to create more of a cosy atmosphere. For example, the colour scheme of your living room may be quite cool, or a bit plain. Adding in some warm tones around the place, such as through the colour of your blinds or curtains, can actually make a bigger impact than you realise. It means that no matter how cold and bleak it may be outside, you still have a touch of warmth in your home!


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