As you probably know, there are so many different types of blinds available, all with different functions, features and appearances, meaning that certain types are more fitting to some scenarios than others. For example, think of all the different rooms in your house. Your bathroom is different to your kitchen, your bedroom is different to your living room. Each room in the house has a different atmosphere and purpose, and so creating the right feel is pretty important. However, have you ever considered how choosing different types of blinds can affect or enhance this?

In this blog, we wanted to focus on bedrooms, and how different types of blinds are more fitted to them than others.


Blackout blinds

For a lot of people, complete darkness is essential when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Many of us simply can’t relax if the slightest bit of light is creeping into the bedroom, and if you don’t choose your blinds carefully, you could end up with something that worsens this. Certain blinds are thicker than others, or built in a way where there is more blockage, preventing as much light showing through them. The best style to keep out light, are blackout blinds. They are designed purely to maintain complete darkness in a room and provide full coverage of your windows. If sleeping without complete darkness is a big issue for you, blackout blinds are the perfect choice for your bedroom.


Roman blinds

Roman blinds are also great for providing good coverage of your windows and keeping the room sealed from much light. You can actually get roman blinds with blackout lining, which more or less provides the same perks of blackout blinds. The difference with these, is that you have more choice and variety when it comes to design. There are all kinds of colours and designs you can get in roman blinds, making them fully adjustable and appropriate to any bedroom. Another good thing about roman blinds, is that the material tends to create quite a warm and cosy vibe – perfect for bedrooms!


Venetian blinds

Blocking out light isn’t necessarily a major feature of venetian blinds, but needless to say there are plenty more great qualities that they have going for them. One of the best things about venetian blinds, is the privacy. Bedrooms are of course a very private area of your home, and so keeping those on the outside from being able to see in is a pretty good move and can make you feel more relaxed and at ease. Furthermore, venetian blinds also look very neat and tidy, and look good in just about any environment no matter what the design. They can look either modern, or traditional, and are made with fantastic quality.


Fabric blinds

Fabric blinds are probably the blinds that are able to create the most homely feel in your bedroom. There is something very cosy about them, and the simplicity of the design makes it incredibly easy to match to your bedroom, regardless of whatever colour scheme you have going on in there already. As well as this, if you are quite the opposite of needing total darkness when you sleep, these are a great choice to have. Some of us struggle more than others to get up in a morning, however with fabric blinds, you can’t escape the sunlight in a morning. Great for getting yourself out of bed!

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