With winter looming, we are really starting to feel the cold now, and this can have a serious knock on effect to our homes and our heating bills. As it gets colder, we tend to rely heavily on our central heating to keep our homes cosy and warm, however this can really drum up a cost, which isn’t ideal, especially when it is getting so close to Christmas. However, there are other ways to keep your home warm this winter without relying solely on your central heating. In fact, the type of blinds and curtains you have can play a big role in controlling the temperature inside your home. Some blinds and curtains are really good for retaining heat and blocking out the cold, which as a result will require you to use the heating less, and therefore reduce your bills. 

So, we thought we would tell you about some of the best blinds for retaining heat this winter!


Blackout blinds

Although primarily blackout blinds are designed to block out light, due to the way they are designed and the thickness of the material, they can actually serve more than one purpose. Blackout blinds work well in keeping out the cold, which may come off the glass from your windows, or from any broken seal around the edge of your windows, and they also retain heat very well. Due to the thickness of blackout blinds and the fantastic coverage they give, they don’t tend to allow any heat in the room to escape. As a result, your home will stay warmer for longer. 


Thermal blinds

You can actually purchase thermal blinds, which are specifically designed for retaining heat and ensuring that your home is kept well insulated. Part of the material used to make thermal blinds is designed to reflect heat, so any heat circulating the room will essentially be directed back to you so that no heat can escape and the room stays as warm as possible. Thermal blinds are probably the most energy efficient blinds you can get, and although they may be a little more expensive due to the high quality, they are certainly a worthwhile and beneficial investment. 


Roller blinds

One of the best things about roller blinds is that they give really good coverage to your windows. Therefore, when fitted, they don’t leave much room for any heat to escape and keep the room well insulated. There are also no gaps in roller blinds as they are made from one material, which doesn’t allow any space for heat to pass through.


Roman blinds

Roman blinds are another popular, high quality style of blinds. People opt for roman blinds due to the number of benefits they provide and the way they are easy to match with any interior, but they are also great for retaining heat. Similarly to roller blinds, roman blinds are made from one material with no gaps for heat to escape or alternatively, cold air to enter the room from your windows. Not only are they stylish, but they also make your home feel very cosy, which is perfect for winter!

For more information and advice or if you are interested in purchasing some new blinds, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!