There are so many different ways to arrange the design of a room, but one thing that can have  bigger impact than most, is colour. Colour can be very powerful, and completely change the whole dynamics and atmosphere of a room. When designing any space in your home, you should consider the colour choices carefully, as you want to make sure that it sets the appropriate mood.

Colour comes through virtually everything in the room, from painted walls and wallpaper, to furniture, accessories, and even your blinds and curtains.

We wanted to explain to you in a little more detail about how different colours and tones can completely change the atmosphere of a room.

Light VS dark

Light colours tend to make the place look more spacious, whereas dark colours are more intimate and cosy. Using pale colours is known for making the place appear quite a bit bigger than it actually is. This works well for you whilst you are living in it, but also in the future if you go on to sell the place, as those looking to buy will probably be drawn to the fact it looks bigger.

Different settings

It’s great experimenting with different colours for different settings. For example, you’d want to create a different atmosphere in your living room or bedroom, than you would in your bathroom or kitchen. You may benefit from using colours that increase appetite in rooms such as your kitchen and dining room. Red is known for doing this, which is why a lot of restaurants use it, and it’s common in logos of popular food chains. It doesn’t have to be too harsh, for example you don’t need to have bright red walls, but just bursts of the colour dotted around, perhaps through accessories, or cabinets.

On the other hand, in your bathroom, you may have blue tones to create a more open and fresh vibe. It is also associated with water and represents cleanliness – perfect for bathrooms!


Your living room is probably the place where you want to feel the most comfortable, as it’s where you spend a lot of your time, and is also quite a social area for you to spend time with loved ones. Autumnal colours, such as oranges, browns, yellows and generally any warm tones, are often associated with feeling cosy, which is why they make the perfect setting for your living room. It makes the place feel a little warmer and more snug, making it the perfect place for you to relax and wind down.


Is there a particular area of your home that you want to stand out, and impress anyone that comes to visit. Making your home look classy and luxurious is fun to experiment with, and one thing we find helps to complete this is colour. Decorating the area with luxurious colours changes everything. An example of this is dark purple, as it’s quite powerful and often associated with luxury and high quality. Silver and grey compliment dark purple quite nicely, too, and add to this impact.