Why Choose Made-To-Measure Curtains & Blinds?

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Taking on a home makeover project can be a little expensive sometimes, whether you’re refurbishing your whole house or simply one room. With that in mind, there are some areas of the makeover process where we could be tempted to cut corners and go for the cheaper options.


Given that there are so many mass-produced options when it comes to purchasing curtains and blinds, this is one area where many homeowners may choose to save. However, nothing quite compares to the results achieved by selecting made-to-measure curtains and blinds.


Here are just a few reasons why made-to-measure curtains and blinds are always the way to go!


Something To Suit Everyone


Mass-produced curtains and blinds may be available in a range of different fabrics and styles, though getting your perfect curtains and blinds often means you need a little more room to customise.


Whether it’s the style of fabric, the colours, the patterns, the level of blackout required or the ties, poles and fixtures and fittings, there’s likely always one area that those choosing standard, mass-produced curtains and blinds will find themselves compromising on with their final selection.


By choosing made-to-measure curtains and blinds, there’s always a much higher level of customisation and personalisation available to you, so that you can ensure that your new curtains and blinds look exactly as you’d like them to and that they’ll fit in exceptionally within your space.


Ensure High Quality


When it comes to items such as furniture and clothes, you’ll find that the bespoke options are always of a much higher quality than a mass-produced option – the same is true for curtains and blinds.


Standard order curtains and blinds are often produced by large companies in a way that keeps the cost to produce them as low as possible, meaning that the fabrics used and the quality of craftsmanship aren’t to such a high standard.


There’s also the aspect of how standard order curtains and blinds tend to be purchased – by choosing and buying these items online, you can never truly ensure that your curtains and blinds will look or feel as you’re expecting from their online photographs.


Made-to-measure curtains and blinds are often available in a much higher quality all-round, from the materials to the overall craftsmanship. Each aspect of the way that the curtains and blinds are made is handled with the individual client in mind, ensuring that the final products are completed to the highest standard.


The Perfect Fit


Windows come in a huge variety of styles and sizes, so it’s worth ensuring that your new curtains and blinds are going to fit them perfectly.


It’s often the case that standard order, mass-produced curtains and blinds are only available in a smaller range of lengths and widths, meaning that you may often find yourself with curtains that are slightly too long or slightly too short.


It may not seem like a huge problem at first, but a curtain or blind that doesn’t cover the whole window will always allow at least a little natural light in, which could play havoc for those whose curtains or blinds have been purchased for their bedrooms. Meanwhile, curtains which are too long could look a little cumbersome and may affect your use of amenities such as plug sockets or radiators, which are often placed below windows.


By going for made-to-measure curtains and blinds, you can make sure that your new blinds or curtains are the perfect fit for every window within your home, allowing for the best look and highest functionality available.


Call On Newton-Le-Willows Curtains & Blinds


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