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With winter looming, it is time to start planning ahead and making arrangements to ensure that you are ready and prepared. This includes preparing your home so that you are equipped to deal with the winter months. One thing we know is great for winter, is curtains. Though you may not think it, curtains actually offer a lot of benefits throughout the winter months, including improved insulation within your home so that you can deal with the cold weather a little better. 

Around this time of year we tend to see an increase in the amount of people shopping for new curtains for their home. We believe that curtains are one of the best types of window coverings for winter, and we wanted to share with you a few reasons why in this blog… 


Improved insulation

The main reason why curtains are great for winter is due to the extra and improved insulation they provide. You can get curtains that are quite thick and have good quality lining, and as well as this, curtains tend to cover a large area of your windows so that nothing is exposed. As a result this will provide you with better insulation in your home as it will keep the heat in the room for longer as well as keep out the cold. This will mean that your home becomes more energy efficient as you won’t have to use your central heating as much, and not only this, it will reduce your heating bills.


Thickness and quality

Curtains come in all different fabrics, thicknesses and designs. During the winter people tend to go for thicker styles of curtains, as this is ideal for the colder months. Thick curtains tend to provide more warmth within your home and block out the cold from the windows. Furthermore, having nice, good quality curtains in your home gives more of a luxurious and comforting feel, which creates a cosy and comfortable atmosphere through the winter months.


Extra lining

While not all, most curtains have lining on the inside of them. This lining can come in various different materials and thicknesses to provide you with the right level of warmth, privacy and opaqueness that you require. You can actually get blackout curtain lining which simply helps to keep out all light from outside, which can be great for keeping cosy during winter. 

Furthermore, you can also get insulative and thermal lining for your curtains. This helps provide an extra layer of insulation for inside your home which is perfect for the winter months. Not only this, but having extra lining in your curtains will also allow you more privacy at home.


Blinds aren’t as thick

Although there are so many different styles of blinds you can choose from, they aren’t always as thick and well insulated as curtains. Not only this, but they cover a much smaller area of your window than curtains do. That being said, some styles of blinds do offer fantastic insulation, but during winter this could be better accompanied with some curtains to provide your home with the best insulation possible.

For more information and advice or if you would like to speak to us about purchasing some new curtains ahead of this winter, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.