Interior design trends are changing all the time, however there are some themes that are consistently popular every year. One of these themes is floral, and it’s not hard to see why. Floral designs are so complex and come in all different unique colours and patterns, so that you can make it personalised to just about anywhere. It’s perfect for adding character to a room and breaking up an otherwise fairly plain and simple interior design. Furthermore, floral designs are beautiful, and really stand out in any environment. 

Here are a few reasons why everybody loves floral and why you should consider it in your interior design…


Make a statement

Floral in any which way shape or form adds a significant amount of character to the room. It is the perfect way to make a statement. Perhaps the rest of the room is otherwise rather plain and is just based off a simple colour scheme. Adding a bit of floral brings the room to life and completely switches things up.



If you have quite a natural looking, authentic interior design going on in a particular room, floral is the perfect addition to this. It creates a very elegant and natural feel, yet adds a little extra to the overall design. Floral patterns breathe life into your home, which is why so many people are invested in it and love to have it incorporated through their decor.


There is so much variety

The different floral patterns and designs you can find are never ending, which is what makes it so amazing and appealing to everybody. There is so much available for us to choose from, which is another reason why it’s so appealing because it means we can tailor it to anything, whether that’s an existing design, or it means getting creative and letting it be the foundation of a brand new unique interior design for your home. 


Add a burst of colour

One thing floral is great for, is simply adding a burst of colour to a room. Perhaps you want to have a new colour scheme running through your living room. Floral is a great way to bring this to life, because you can opt for designs where the flowers fit in with your colour scheme, and maybe even match accessories around your room. On the other hand, you could have cream walls, but have one wall with floral patterned wallpaper that just adds a pop of colour.


It can be as subtle as you like

The great thing about floral, is that it comes in a whole variety of different forms. This means you can get something that is very subtle, or right at the other end of the scale that is going to make a big impact in the room. Although we mentioned that floral is perfect for making a statement, it can also be very subtle, too. There are lots of delicate floral designs that don’t create much noise amongst a simple design.


Floral curtains and blinds

You really can incorporate floral into your interior design in all kinds of different, unique and creative ways. One way to do this is through curtains and blinds. Perhaps you don’t have any patterns on the walls of your living room and you feel like something is missing from the design. Having floral print curtains or blinds is the perfect way to add some character and make the room come to life a little more.