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Here at Newton le Willows Blinds & Curtains, we thought it would be the perfect time to give our brand a facelift, and to do this, we recently had a brand new bespoke WordPress website done for us. As a family business that has been established since 1983, it’s important for us to progress with the times. We feel it’s important that our website is always fresh and updated so that our customers are able to keep up to date with our products and services. We want it to provide use to our target audience, and be helpful and offer any information that they may be looking for.

We’ve been working closely with our digital provider Penthouse Digital, who have helped us really understand the importance of having a website and how it can benefit our customers and help us actually generate a return online. They ensure that we are always one step ahead and appealing to our customers online.

What does our website mean to us?

For us, our website is the digital shop window for our clients. It expresses our service offerings and provides any on hand helpful information that customers may need, such as the types of blinds we have on offer, along with additional services that we are able to provide. As we are a local business and mainly provide our services to people within the local area, sometimes it’s good to have another way of spreading the word and making more people aware of what we do.

A lot of our purchases and enquires usually stem from online. Generally, people in the area who are in need of some new blinds or curtains, or that are seeking information about which type are the best to buy, will start by searching online, and so we want to ensure that when people are looking, they find us. By making ourselves visible online like this, we can attract more clients and inform more people about how we can help them and why they should choose us. Not only this, we also have a monthly blog and other information available so that our audience can find out relevant facts. Each month we try to pick a blog topic that appeals to our target audience, such as a run down of each individual type of blinds, which are better suited to your preferences, and facts about all products we offer, such as awnings and canopies. This also makes our website not just relevant to new customers seeking our products, but also people that have already purchased from us before and are in need of our services again or want to find something out about a particular part of our business.

The importance of websites for businesses

The internet tends to be the answer to everything these days. Whenever we have a question or are looking for information about particular services or products, it is generally the place that we turn to. Therefore, as a small business, not having a website could potentially mean missing out on a lot of potential customers. Without making yourself visible online, people aren’t going to be able to find out about you as easily, and as a result this could lead to them turning to your competitors instead.

So with us for example, our potential customers may search for terms like “blinds for sale Newton le Willows”. This would most likely bring up a whole category of results, which makes it even more important to stick out. To do this, we ensure that our website is packed with simple but useful and key information that our target audience would be looking for, such as the services we are capable of providing.

If you have found our website useful and want to speak to us regarding the products we have for sale, or you’re looking for more information, simply get in touch with us through our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.