As you know, there are so many different kinds of blinds available for you to have in your home, and so choosing the best type can be quite difficult. One particular style of blinds that we would highly recommend to you, is roller blinds. There are a whole number of reasons why they are a great option, for example, they’re affordable and great value for money, they’re easy to use and reliable, and they compliment any room that they are situated in and fit in with the decor perfectly. Quite often, you can have a say in how your roller blinds are designed. Perhaps you want a few extra things adding, or you’d like a certain print. The best thing about roller blinds, is that they are tailor-made for you.

We wanted to give you a few reasons why roller blinds could be the perfect choice to complement and complete your home.


Huge variety of designs

Roller blinds are certainly the most diverse in terms of design, and allow for personalisation as well as bespoke manufacturing. There are all kinds of different fabrics available, including things like blackout lining, and water resistant prints, that you may want in your bathroom for example. Despite roller blinds being so simple in that they are just a large piece of fabric that you lift and lower to cover your windows, the range of designs you can have makes them very unique and appealing. It means that you can have pretty much any pattern and design and therefore find something that matches the existing decor of the room, or maybe you have a room in the house that’s quite plain, and a patterned roller blind would really add some character and change the dynamic.


Compatible with any room and decor

Again, roller blinds can be bespoke and so you can have a say in how they are designed. However, there are already a huge range of different colours, patterns and designs to choose from, so that no matter what existing theme you have going on throughout your home, you will certainly find something to fit in with this.


Simple and easy to use

Although the designs in terms of things like patterns are so diverse, the way roller blinds are actually designed in terms of appearance and function, is actually really simple and easy.

To operate them, you simply roll them up or down depending on how much light exposure you want in the room. This makes them quite a popular choice as they are convenient and simple.


Optional blackout lining

Quite often, roller blinds will come with optional blackout lining. This gives you the choice as to what level of coverage you would like. Blackout lining will completely block out all light, whereas without it, the blinds won’t be as thick and opaque. Blackout lining on roller blinds is ideal for bedrooms if you are somebody that struggles to sleep unless the room is in complete darkness. Furthermore, it could be good if you have children, as it can often prevent them from waking up in the morning as it starts to go lighter outside. Blackout lining is a great personalised option when you are choosing your roller blinds as it enables you control on even more of the design.


Made to measure

As roller blinds are simply just a piece of fabric, they can be cut and fitted to pretty much any shape and size. Sometimes if you have a window that is of an unusual shape or size, it can prove difficult finding blinds to fit. With roller blinds, they are made to measure, so however big or small you would like them, this can be arranged and you can have them fitted perfectly to your window.

For more information or if you are interested in purchasing some roller blinds yourself, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help you.