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Roman blinds are a firm favourite when it comes to household blinds, and it’s not hard to see why. They are so broad in their range of designs, but not only this, they are also highly practical and serve lots of beneficial purposes within your home. One of the best things about Roman blinds is that you can make them suit your home in whatever way you like. They come in a huge range of designs, colours and style, meaning that you can pick the perfect match for any room in the house. 

Here at Newton le Willows Blinds & Curtains, we believe that Roman blinds should be a staple part of every home. So, we thought we would tell you a little bit more about them and why you should consider getting them for your home…


They’re practical

Though a lot of people see the appeal in Roman blinds through the range of styles and designs they come in, there is a lot of practical appeal too. For example, they offer good light control, as well as an element of privacy. These are some of the main practical qualities people look for when purchasing blinds, which is another thing that makes Roman blinds a great choice. 

Furthermore, they are easy to open and close and the materials come in different thicknesses, so that you can choose the right ones for your home. They are also quite streamline and so give off a clean and tidy appearance.


They come in a huge range of styles and designs

Perhaps the main thing that attracts people to Roman blinds, is the huge range of styles and designs that they come in. This makes them a very stylish type of blinds, as you will always find something suited to your taste as well as current trends. Roman blinds can be completely tailored to your preference, so you can choose the thickness of the fabric, the colour and the pattern. 


They’re affordable

Roman blinds actually use considerably less material than curtains, which subsequently brings down the cost of them. They aren’t a particularly expensive style of blinds, and so not only do they have appeal to everybody, they are also affordable so that every home can have some Roman blinds at a price that is right for them.


They’re great for insulation

Roman blinds are quite a good style for providing insulation. This is partly due to the quality and the style of them, but not only that, you can also get some Roman blinds with an extra insulative layer. This helps to provide your home with better insulation, so that it keeps the room warmer for longer and also prevents the heat from escaping and the cold from outside getting in. As a result of this, it will bring down your energy bills as you won’t require your central heating as much. Getting Roman blinds with the right lining is a great way to boost insulation in your home and save money on your energy bills. 

For more information or if you are interested in buying some Roman blinds for your home, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.